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Emerging Markets vs Advanced Economies Economic Growth

In recent years poor countries have enjoyed impressive improvements in GDP per person. But in the rich world they have hardly grown at all. Watch video @: via Global Economic Growth: Emerging Markets vs Advanced Economies | The Big Picture.

The global economic recovery remains stuck below takeoff speed finds Brookings

The global economic recovery remains stuck below takeoff speed, unable to achieve liftoff and facing the risk of stalling. Half-hearted fiscal austerity measures are proving to be a drag on growth, and monetary policy continues to shoulder the burden of limiting downside risks. The Brookings-FT TIGER index shows that growth momentum remains weak in nearly … Continue reading

Emerging market economies job market more robust

‘In the advanced economies, the first months of 2011 seemed to offer the beginnings of a self-sustaining recovery, a promise that turned out to be a false dawn’ write the Bank for international settlements. If both Advanced and Emerging Market Economies (AE and EME) job markets were hit by the Great Depression, the EME wre much more robust. This … Continue reading

Sony Confirms 10,000 Layoffs but Games studios ‘spared’

Games studios ‘spared’ in Sony mass-layoff plan | Game Development | News by Develop Chemicals, TV, sales and marketing to bear the brunt of global cut-backs Sony will not bury the axe into its games division as the company prepares to slash some 10,000 jobs from its global entertainment empire, Develop understands. Information of the … Continue reading

Sony Confirms 10,000 Layoffs

Confirming the report from earlier this week, Sony president and CEO Kazuo Hirai said the company will cut 10,000 jobs globally as part of a big “One Sony” reorganization. The company has five immediate goals: it wants to strengthen its core businesses — digital imaging, gaming and mobile — turn around its TV business, expand … Continue reading

The complexities of 21st century brain ‘exchange’ – University World News

The emerging economies of the BRICs – Brazil, Russia, India and China – will, it is assumed, lure back home both students who go abroad to study and some graduates who have settled in the West, because of their dramatic economic growth and expanding higher education systems. The problem is that data seem to show … Continue reading

Austerity in Europe Puts Pressure on Drug Companies

Profits at pharmaceutical companies have been declining or showing little growth for the last year as austerity measures across Europe lead to cuts in health care spending. Some analysts say this trend could continue until at least 2014. Budget cuts mean that many European governments are not willing to pay as much for pills. But … Continue reading

Most jobs are not lost, they merely end up elsewhere

The structure of the economy – as represented by the relative sizes of the various industry sectors – is always changing. Normally the rate of change is so slow we don’t notice it. At present, however, the pace of change is much quicker than usual. These pressures are coming from outside Australia. Many are the … Continue reading

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