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US / What about the 22 percent of young people who drop out of high school?

In the U.S., the percentage of high school graduates by state ranges from 62 percent (Nevada) to 88 percent (Iowa), with an overall average of 78 percent. What about the 22 percent of young people who drop out of high school? What are their prospects? From a historical perspective, this chart shows the economic impact … Continue reading

Dropout / Canada : Boy’s share continues to rise and some groups show lack achievement

“One of the most robust predictions about any teenager’s future is that dropping out of high school will increase the probability of a life marred by lengthy bouts of unemployment and poverty. Although a high-school certificate is a low rung on the education ladder, it is the crucial one if an individual is to have … Continue reading

Two-Thirds of Young Arab Women Remain Out of Workforce According to a Gallup Survey

About one in three young Arab women between the ages of 23 and 29 participate in their country’s labor force versus about eight in 10 young Arab men. This gender gap is generally consistent across the 22 Arab countries and territories Gallup surveyed in 2011, but young women’s labor force participation is slightly higher in … Continue reading

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