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US – Hiring of college graduates is expected to jump 16 percent

Hiring of college graduates is expected to jump 16 percent in the US, though the starting salaries will see only a modest growth, says a study. About 60 percent of employers said they will keep starting pay the same as last year for the newly minted degree-holders, the survey of more than 5,700 companies revealed. The … Continue reading

Certificates in US – Positive, significant returns research finds

The research from the center focused on certificates for programs that took one year or less to complete. Some have suggested that short-term certificates hold little value in the job market, although recent research has contradicted that notion. The forthcoming study by Di Xu and Madeline Trimble, both of whom are researchers at the Community … Continue reading

College and Employability in US – How are they doing and what are employers looking for?

How are colleges doing? Nearly seven out of ten employers surveyed indicated that colleges are doing a “good” or “excellent” job when it comes to producing successful employees; however, more work is required to change the minds of the 31% of respondents who gave colleges a “fair” to “poor” rating. HR has the most favorable … Continue reading

College Grads in US – Wages are terrible

More young people are grabbing debt to go to college, but they can’t punch the ticket to full-fledged adulthood, because college-grad wages are growing at historically pitiful levels. In fact, the incomes of recent college grads are growing so glacially that they make the rest of the country look like we’re discovering $100 bills in … Continue reading

US – Of 4 million job openings posted online, 2 million are for college graduates New Georgetown report finds

More than 80 percent of job openings for workers with a bachelor’s degree or better are posted online, compared to less than 50 percent of job openings for workers with less education*, according to a new report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. The report analyzes the demand for college talent … Continue reading

US – College degree or vocational education ?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that only 27 percent of jobs in the U.S. economy currently require a college degree. By comparison, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that 47 percent of workers today have an associate degree or higher. The BLS projects that the proportion of jobs requiring a college degree will barely … Continue reading

Starbucks – Employees to College for Free

Working at Starbucks is now a smarter move.  The coffee chain plans to launch a new program on Monday that will pay for its employees to attend online college classes at Arizona State University. ” I believe it will lower attrition, it’ll increase performance, it’ll attract and retain better people I believe it will lower … Continue reading

College Education in US – 64% of hiring managers would still consider a candidate who hadn’t even attended college survey finds

Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm, and, The Career Network focused on helping people grow and succeed professionally, today announced the results of a study entitled, “The Multi-Generational Job Search.” Following a national survey of job seekers and HR professionals, 43% of the 2,978 respondents said that “cultural fit” was the … Continue reading

US College Labor Market / Recruiting Trends 2013-2014

The college labor market is improving, up 3 percent from last year for all degrees. Strong demand for accounting, marketing, computer science, engineering, human resources, public relations, and the inclusive “all majors” group will increase hiring for Bachelor’s degrees by 7 percent. The increase in hiring has been steady but could be better. Continue reading

Undermatching: academically capable low-income and minority students who do graduate from high school and are well prepared for college who do not succeed

“It has become a truism and a rare example of political consensus: Educators, researchers, and policymakers across the political spectrum agree that America must send more of its young people to college and must find ways to help them graduate” writes Jay Sherwin in Make Me a Match: Helping Low-Income and First-Generation Students Make Good College Choices … Continue reading

US / 41% of college grads overqualified for what they do

College just isn’t worth what it used to be. A survey out Tuesday found that 41% of college graduates from the last two years are stuck in jobs that don’t require a degree. Consulting firm Accenture talked to 1,005 students who graduated from college in 2011 and 2012 and haven’t returned to graduate school. In … Continue reading

US / The Skills Gap is good for technical college graduates

Tabetha Moore was a year away from earning her associate’s degree in human resources when a local manufacturing company gave her a full-time job in her field and agreed to pay for her last two semesters of school. The 21-year-old hasn’t yet negotiated the salary she’ll earn after obtaining her diploma from Fox Valley Technical … Continue reading

US / Vocational Education: a pathway to college, and a way to gain skills to pay tuition

Classes like wood shop or auto shop used to be called vocational classes. They were known as an academic dumping ground for students who weren’t succeeding in a regular classroom. But a lot has changed. In the rural mid-Michigan school district of Stockbridge, classes now offer a pathway to college, and a way to gain … Continue reading

US / unemployment rate for the 2011 cohort of recent college graduates was 12.6 percent

Every year, thousands of recent graduates of colleges and universities across the United States enter the labor force with newly minted degrees and high hopes about their employment prospects.1 In October 2011, 74.5 percent of the 1.3 million 2011 recent college graduates were employed, according to data from the Current Population Survey (CPS). The unemployment … Continue reading

US / College graduates have low unemployment

It is true that young workers have higher unemployment rates than their older counterparts, at just about all levels of education. A recent report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the job prospects of new college graduates, for example, found that as of October 2011, the graduates of the class of 2011 had … Continue reading

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