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Bangladesh – Where is the demographic dividend ?

In Bangladesh, the proportion of the population at or below working age is among the highest in the world and almost a third of the population is between ages 15-30. A young population means a young workforce full of innovation and productivity. However, youth unemployment in Bangladesh remains a festering wound to the economy — … Continue reading

Bangladesh / 140 factories closed in new wage protest

Almost 140 Bangladeshi garment factories were shut on Monday as thousands of workers protesting at a new minimum wage clashed with police outside Dhaka, police and manufacturers said. Continue reading

Bangladesh / A raise in minimum wage ?

Bangladesh’s garment factory owners are pencilling in a minimum wage increase of about 50 to 80 percent and will ask retailers to pay more to defray the cost, as the government tries to end a wave of strikes that hit nearly a fifth of workshops last month. The world’s second largest clothing exporter hopes to … Continue reading

Hired at a Bangladesh sweatshop / The 9-year-old boss

She did that from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., except for an hourlong lunch break Continue reading

Bangladesh / 50,000 garment workers strike over ‘inhuman’ wages

Tens of thousands of garment workers have downed tools and taken to the streets to urge the government for an increase in the minimum salary Continue reading

Sweatshops / Wrong unless Products Are Cute research finds

IF PEOPLE REALLY WANT something, they are likely to ignore the fact that the product was made at a sweatshop, according to a new study by a Georgetown business professor Continue reading

US vs Bangladesh / Sweatshop / Suspension of Preferential Trade Status and Reactions

The U.S. is planning to suspend its preferential trade treatment for Bangladesh. The suspension will begin in about 60 days.
Bangladesh’s foreign ministry has expressed hope that the U.S. will soon restore the country’s trade preferences Continue reading

Bangladesh / Workers Demand Better Working Conditions

The future of Bangladesh lies in the power of international cooperation and the implementation of concrete political measures to end unfair labor practices. Violence has erupted in Bangladesh, following the world’s worst garment industry disaster last month, as thousands of workers gathered in the country’s capital on Monday demanding better pay conditions. Police charged batons … Continue reading

Bangladesh / Factories to reopen after worker protests over pay and working conditions

Bangladesh will reopen more than 300 garment factories on Friday, ending a three-day forced closure due to worker protests over pay and working conditions after a building collapse killed more than 1,100 people. A series of deadly incidents at factories in Bangladesh, the world’s second-biggest exporter of clothing after China, has focused global attention on … Continue reading

(Update3) Bangladesh Garment Factory Collapsed Building / death toll 1,127 and garment workers allowed to form trade unions

Nearly three weeks after a Bangladesh garment-factory building collapsed, the search for the dead ended Monday at the site of the worst disaster in the history of the global garment industry. The death toll: 1,127. The collapse of the Rana Plaza building focused worldwide attention on the hazardous conditions in Bangladesh’s low-cost garment industry and … Continue reading

(Update2) Bangladesh Garment Factory Collapsed Building / Toll has passed 1,000

The death toll from Bangladesh’s worst industrial accident has passed 1,000 as recovery teams continue to find more bodies in the wreckage. The eight-storey Rana Plaza factory building near Dhaka collapsed on 24 April with an unknown number inside. The authorities say about 2,500 people were injured in the accident and 2,437 people were rescued. … Continue reading

(Update) Bangladesh Garment Factory Collapsed Building / Toll Reaches 782

The death toll for Bangladesh’s worst industrial disaster rose to 782 as the army continued to clear debris at a garment factory building that collapsed last month. The army’s attempt to recover more bodies from the rubble at Rana Plaza that collapsed on April 24 will continue for at least another week, Mir Rabbi, an … Continue reading

Malaysia / Hiring Bangladeshi migrants to start from January 13

Malaysia has resumed recruiting Bangladeshi migrant workers after a four-year pause, an official said Tuesday, in a move easing Dhaka’s remittance worries after the jobs market in the Middle East dried up. The Bangladesh government on Monday announced that an online registration process for those seeking work in Malaysia would start from January 13, following … Continue reading

Bangladesh needs 1.5m new jobs a yr

Bangladesh needs up to 1.5 million new jobs each year for the next 20 years to accelerate economic growth, says the World Bank. Bangladesh along with other South Asian nations has seen steady job growth and a substantial decrease in poverty over the past three decades, according to a WB report. The WB yesterday launched … Continue reading

More and better jobs in Bangladesh

Accelerating growth in Bangladesh’s per capita income has added nearly 1.2 million new jobs every year and improved job quality between 2000 and 2010. Wage workers have seen their wages — adjusted for price increases — rise by nearly 2 percent a year. Poverty rates among the self-employed have fallen. The quality of jobs, as … Continue reading

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