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When the sharing-economy gets at your job

I love the sharing economy because it’s efficient. Got some spare time? Become a TaskRabbit! Spare space? AirBNB it! A car and nowhere to go? Drive for Uber or Lyft! The taxi industry is a regulatory-capture nightmare. Disrupt ‘em ’til they’re dead? Don’t mind if you do! …And yet our 21st-century sharing-economy dream is beginning … Continue reading

The App Economy in Europe / 530,000 jobs and over a quarter of the app economy

Europe is a major force in the global app ecosystem and is directly responsible for over 500,000 jobs in the EU28 region Continue reading

100% rise in jobs for mobile app developers / Hotspots: India, China, Israel and Europe

To bridge the significant gap in demand and availability of skilled mobile app developers, several large organisations are tapping global talent hotspots like India, China, Israel and Europe, says a study. Job postings for mobile developers has doubled in the last two years, but supply is growing only at 13 per cent, the study by … Continue reading

US / The App Economy: from 0 to roughly 466,000 jobs in less than 5 years

“How can the U.S. dig itself out of the current job drought?”  asks Michael Mandel in WHERE THE JOBS ARE: The APP Economy (Choosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor to follow) Government policy can temporarily boost employment. The ultimate answer, though, is innovation: The creation of new goods and services that spur the growth of new industries … Continue reading

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