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Job Outlook to 2026 in Australia – Four services industries are projected to provide almost two-thirds of the total projected employment growth

The National Skills Commission (NSC) Employment Projections provide a guide to the likely direction of the jobs market over the next five years. Each year these projections are updated to reflect emerging trends and developments. The latest data available are for the five years to November 2026. Projections by industry Four services industries are projected to provide … Continue reading

Value of Skill Vacancies in Canada – $25 billion in 2020, which is equivalent to 1.3 per cent of GDP

This issue briefing looks at the economic cost to Canada of being unable to fill all the demand for skills. We estimate that the unrealized value of skill vacancies in the Canadian economy was $25 billion in 2020, which is equivalent to 1.3 per cent of GDP. This represents the sum of the unrealized skill … Continue reading

Temporary Agricultural Workers in Canada – How to strengthen programs with the arrival of large numbers of Central Americans

The arrival of large numbers of Central Americans at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent years and the complex motivations driving them to leave their countries has once more demonstrated the need for comprehensive strategies to manage migration through the region. The lion’s share of these migrants come from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and poverty, … Continue reading

Generation Z – Will soon surpass Millennials as the most populous generation on earth

Generation Z will soon surpass Millennials as the most populous generation on earth, with more than one-third of the world’s population counting themselves as Gen Zers. In the US, Gen Z constitutes more than a quarter of the population and, by 2020, will be the most diverse generation in the nation’s history. As Gen Zers … Continue reading

Future of Work in UK – 5 qualitative scenarios

To ensure effective provision of skills in the future, it is important to assess what the future labour market in the UK might look like. While quantitative projections are available, the future of the labour market is shaped by many factors, which are often characterised by great uncertainty. This can make planning effective policy intervention … Continue reading

Lettre au Devoir – Pour un permis de travail temporaire du Québec

par Michel Cournoyer, économiste, éditeur du Job Market Monitor / Moniteur de l’emploi Le gouvernement du Québec prévoit que plus de 30 000 personnes utiliseront le chemin Roxham pour entrer de façon « irrégulière » au Canada en 2022. Une part importante de ces personnes se retrouvent à l’aide sociale en attendant de recevoir leur … Continue reading

Transition Écologique – L’agencement de nouvelles compétences est l’un des grands constats

Que sait-on de la façon dont la « transition écologique et énergétique », selon la terminologie en vigueur dans les politiques publiques françaises, transforme les activités et les emplois ? Alors que l’on peine encore à mesurer l’ampleur et la nature du verdissement des métiers, comment les acteurs de la formation et les entreprises se … Continue reading

Job Openings in US (end of April) – Decreased by 455,000 or 7.0 percent to 11.4 million

[In case you missed ] The number of job openings decreased to 11.4 million on the last business day of April … On the last business day of April, the number and rate of job openings decreased to 11.4 million (-455,000) and 7.0 percent, respectively. The largest decreases in job openings were in health care and … Continue reading

UK Manufacturing Skills – Empowering employer and education provider partnerships along with regional bodies

The All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group recommends that government empowers industry and education provider partnerships to ensure a manufacturing workforce fit for the future. Today Policy Connect and the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group publish their latest report: Supporting UK manufacturing Skills in a post Covid-19 world. The report outlines how the government can support the development … Continue reading

Technology and Public Employment Services (PES) – Freeing staff from routine tasks enables them to focus on more specialized functions, such as working with targeted beneficiaries and undeserved groups

The combined effects of the global pandemic and the general trend of digitalization are pushing public employment services to accelerate their use of innovation to develop and deliver simpler, faster and better services for clients. This report provides a global overview on how public employment services are approaching technology to improve service delivery, prior to … Continue reading

Labor Shortage in US – To Fix it, solve the care crisis

Ongoing labor and talent shortages threaten US economic leadership and future growth. Even as the country approaches a return to prepandemic levels of employment and workforce participation, it faces historic job vacancies: there are 5 million more open jobs than people in the workforce. To address this shortage, US policymakers and employers must act decisively … Continue reading

Inflation in US – Consumer Price Index increased 8.6 percent over the last 12 months, the highest increase since December 1981

  The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 1.0 percent in May on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.3 percent in April, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 8.6 percent before seasonal adjustment. The increase was broad-based, with the … Continue reading

L’emploi au Québec (mai 2022) – Peu de variation en mai après avoir diminué en avril

Au Québec, l’emploi a peu varié en mai après avoir diminué en avril, puisque la hausse observée dans le travail à temps plein a été contrebalancée par la baisse enregistrée dans le travail à temps partiel. Étant donné qu’un plus grand nombre de personnes étaient actives sur le marché du travail et que l’emploi a … Continue reading

NEETs in Europe – Recent policy developments

Increasing the participation of young people in the labour market has become an urgent policy goal and in recent times the focus has been directed at the ‘NEET’ group – young people ‘not in employment, education and training’. This report summarises the findings from 28 national reports by experts from the ‘European Restructuring Monitor’ (ERM) … Continue reading

Microcredentials in Europe – Demand has led to a proliferation of unregulated certificates whose value is unclear

Microcredentials are not new. They have been in use in various countries and education and training sectors; they have played a role, among others, in the certification of IT courses or health workers’ professional development. Microcredentials open the possibility for people to accumulate, or ‘stack’, different competences which can be documented and recognised by learning … Continue reading

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