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Post-Covid Job Market – De-emphasis on physical offices and perks, hiring outside the big metro and people looking for stability and work

I think that you’re going to see a de-emphasis on physical offices and perks, not just in tech but in finance and every other sector, such as having beautiful open floor plans, with in-office gyms and onsite yoga. Employers are going to be emphasizing flexible work, health insurance, and more practical benefits—maybe 401k match, especially if people change their savings habits.

You’re also going to see more hiring outside the big metro [cities], in the short-term. There are lots of pools of affordable workers. Any place there’s a good university with a STEM program, there are pools of young tech workers that could be accessed if companies have more willingness to hire remotely.

And, like a whole generation changed after the Great Depression, the behavior of young workers in regards to savings and risk-taking is going to change forever. You’re going to see, long after this coronavirus is gone, people being much more conservative and careful about savings and looking for stability and work.

With 30 to 40 million people unemployed, there will be more competition for jobs, no question. If you want to freshen up your skills by taking courses, there are all sorts of courses in public speaking, negotiation, and personal and business marketing. These are skills that will always be valuable and never automated. Now is the time to make sure you’ve got a strong personal brand, a decent website, and a portfolio to demonstrate what you can do.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ Experts predict what it’ll take to find a job in a post-Covid world


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