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Germany – Unemployment declined for an eighth month in May

German unemployment declined for an eighth month in May as companies increased hiring in a sign of confidence that Europe’s largest economy will continue growing.Germany

Joblessness fell a seasonally-adjusted 6,000 to 2.79 million, the Federal Labor Agency in Nuremberg said on Tuesday. Economists had predicted a drop of 10,000. The unemployment rate remained at 6.4 percent, the lowest level since German reunification.

Germany’s economy will probably continue to expand in the coming months, supported by consumer spending even as manufacturing remains sluggish, according to the Bundesbank. Business confidence remains strong and the country is poised to benefit from an accelerating recovery in the euro area, its largest trade partner.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at German Unemployment Declines for Eighth Month as Recovery Firms – Bloomberg Business.

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Unemployment in Germany vs Italy – Three lessons

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Unemployment Insurance in Germany

Until 2005, Germans who were out of work and in need would receive 60% of the net salary of their last job 67% if they had children, tax free, then after a year, it would go down to 53%. Former chancellor Gerhard Schröder made it his mission to change this system, a programme known as … Continue reading 

Skills Gap in Germany – Students snub vocational schools

Forget the strong euro or competition from Asia. German industry’s main concern today isn’t selling its products but finding the people to make them.  The country’s 200-year-old two-tier education system, credited for building one of the most productive workforces on the planet, is sputtering as young Germans increasingly shun vocational schools—the gateway to manufacturing careers—for … Continue reading 

Germany should take steps “to heal the split in the labour market” says OECD

Germany’s current economic success offers a good platform for achieving sustainable and inclusive growth, but further reforms will be necessary over the medium and long term, according to the latest OECD Economic Survey of Germany. Among the priorities are making the tax system more socially just and environment-friendly, strengthening the financial sector, so that it … Continue reading 

Germany’s Dual System / Just one-third school-leavers each year go to university

Just one-third of German school-leavers each year go to university; the other two-thirds enter the dual trainee programs Continue reading 

Can Germay’s Dual System work in Canada ?

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