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Workplace Sexual Harassment in Canada – 60 per cent chance employer won’t take any concrete action or will dismiss survey finds

Most people who experience workplace sexual harassment or non-consensual sexual Workplace Sexual Harassmentcontact in Canada never report it to their employer, to a large degree out of fear or shame, a new survey suggests.

For those who do report it, there is a 60 per cent chance their employer won’t take any concrete action or will dismiss their complaint, the findings suggest.

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The results come from an online survey conducted by the new Angus Reid Institute in mid-November, when sexual misconduct stories — about Parliament and about allegations against former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi — were prominent in the news.

For its poll, the institute randomly chose 1,504 people from a standing group of panellists and asked them a series of questions about their experiences of sexual harassment and physical contact on the job.

“The results show that while both genders identified experiences of harassment, women are —unsurprisingly — four times as likely to have been harassed as men,” the organization said in a release.

Overall, the Angus Reid Institute survey found 30 per cent of respondents indicated they had experienced sexual harassment or non-consensual sexual contact or both at some point at work — amounting to millions of Canadians.

“Almost two million Canadians … have experienced some form of sexual harassment at work within the past 24 months,” the institute said.

via Sexual misconduct complaints mostly ignored by employers, survey suggests – Canada – CBC News.



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