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GenY – Not all that different in what they value in work

The assumed gulf between the attitudes and values of the millennials versus the nonmillennials[: as ]it turns out, GenY is generally not all that different in what they value in work.Capture d’écran 2014-09-11 à 09.26.46

The gist of our millennial misunderstanding is that we assume that, as keyed in and digitally fluent as they are, millennials don’t necessarily, well, care the way you might think. But as the OE suvey shows, that’s not entirely the case. The numbers challenge our assumptions on millennial workplace values.

When millennials and nonmillenials were asked what was important to them in work:

• 20% of both cited making a positive difference in the world.

• 68% of millennials compared to 64% of nonmillenials cited compensation as important.

•  29% of millenials and 31% of nonmillennials cited a work-life balance (and I’d argue that a two percent difference may simply be a natural correlation to one’s perspective changing with time, versus some kind of behavioral correlation to a generation who texts first, asks later).

• 32% of millennials and 30% of nonmillennials listed meeting their income goals as important.

• And meaningful work was cited as important by 14% of millennials compared 18% of nonmillennials. (Again, is that simply the nature of age talking, not instagram? When you were still wet behind the ears, did you truly understand what meaningful work might be?)

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Workforce 2020: Oxford Economics’ Shows The Future’s Not So Scary After All – TalentCulture.



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