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India – Exports need to jump to create jobs report says

Domestic value added DVA content and the employment intensity of India’s exports has been declining over time. To overcome this, a dramatic increase in the absolute size of exports was essential to match or exceed the spill-over effect of exports as seen in the past, suggested Crisil in a report published ahead of new export policy. Capture d’écran 2014-06-17 à 13.19.40

Crisil said it used the OECD value-added data base to analysed the patterns and compared them with China in its report. In the medium-term, the composition of exports will need to change with a focus on labour-intensive exports to generate more jobs, Crisil added.

The Union Government is expected to unveil the foreign trade policy for the medium-term in a few weeks’ time.

“This time around, the exports bar will need to be set much higher even to simply maintain the impact of exports on job creation and income generation,” the Crisil research report said.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at India’s exports not creating enough jobs, says Crisil report | Business Line.

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