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Canada / All the jobs created since a year were in the low-paying, economically insecure, sales and service occupations

From November 2012 until November 2013 economist Andrew Jackson reports that all the jobs created in Canada were in the low-paying, economically insecure, sales and service occupations.

The CPC are the bad jobs party.

An in-depth report done in 2013 by McMaster University and the United Way looked at how people living in the Greater Toronto/Hamilton area are making out in today\’s economy. Researchers found barely one-half of the working population had what could be called a good job, meaning permanent employment with benefits; the rest lived a precarious existence.

In Canada\’s largest urban setting the workforce is broken in half, with the poor and the near poor facing complex health and family problems caused by economic insecurity.

Unifor economist Jim Standford focused on what is happening to employment among working-age Canadians. His finding show that job creation in Canada has stalled, barely keeping up with the growth in population. Prime age workers are exiting the job market, leaving the employment rate (the percentage with a job) at its lowest since 2002.

More people than it appears have no job. Using widely available statistics, Angella MacEwen of the Canadian Labour Congress has shown that the real Canadian unemployment rate is about double the official unemployment rate.

Numbers from last June showed the jobs situation was worse in vote-rich Ontario. Add the people working part-time looking for full-time work and the people who have quit looking for jobs that do not exist, to the 8.6 per cent in Ontario who are officially unemployed, and the real rate of unemployment in Ontario is 18.4 per cent, over twice the rate heard on the radio or reported in the press.

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