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1000s of Teaching jobs available in Korea for recent canadian and american grads

American and Canadian college graduates, facing a lackluster jobmarket at home, are capitalizing on this trend by taking English-teaching positions in countries like South Korea. The SouthKorean education system was recently named one of the best in theworld, second only to Finland’s, according to a report by theeducation firm Pearson.

Gone2Korea recruits native English-speaking, Western college graduates for teaching positions in South Korean public and privateschools.

Sarah Leffingwell, who found her South Korean teaching position withGone2Korea, said of her experience, “Gone2Korea has beenindispensable in my job search and move to Korea. Knowing next tonothing about the process of teaching English in Korea, my contactguided me through the entire application, interview and documentationprocess. I cannot accurately express how appreciative I am ofGone2Korea’s efforts to help me out of difficulties that arose in thecomplicated process of obtaining a work visa.”

“My time in Korea has turned out even better than expected. In thesearch for a teaching job in Korea, you will find many stories ofcontracts broken or not fulfilled as stipulated. I have had no suchproblems with my placement in a private English academy and I feelthat I owe all this to Gone2Korea. All questions and concerns that Ihad about living in Korea, my job contract and the international movewere answered thoroughly and quickly by my contact. I would encourageanyone interested in teaching in Asia to work with this site, as Ihave had an amazing experience with them.”

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via 1000s of Teaching Jobs Available for Recent Grads – Financial and Business News – MENAFN.


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