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Unemployment in the Arab World

“For decades, these countries actually did a pretty good job of getting education for younger people, of advancing them into secondary education. Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, these are places where people were able to get college degrees, and now they’re facing two problems.

“One is just the overall economic backdrop is miserable. When you have this kind of political dysfunction, you’re not going to see businesses wanting to invest and create jobs. You’re certainly not going to see foreign companies want to come in and do investment in a lot of these areas.

“But also, in many cases, the people who got educations might have gotten the wrong education. There’s a lot of skills mismatch going on, and younger people who have these high expectations are waiting and hoping that they will get better jobs instead of getting the jobs that people without education would be getting right now.”

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via In The Arab World, Unrest Is Coupled With Unemployment : Parallels : NPR.

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