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Mexico / OECD Alerts About The ‘NiNis’, Ni Estudian, Ni Trabajan, the NEET

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) asks that measures be taken to stop young Mexicans from dropping out of high school, according to

Mexico has the highest number of young people that neither study nor work. It is the third country, among those countries that belong to the OECD and ten more, with the biggest number of what they call “the NiNis” (Ni Estudian, Ni Trabajan), which means precisely that they ‘neither study nor work’. The “NiNis” in Mexico are estimated to be almost seven and a half million people between the ages 15 to 29.

The OECD’s mission, according to their website, is to promote policies that improve the social and economic status of people around the world. That is why they are paying special attention to Mexico and the difficulties that their youth is having at studying and accessing employment.

Gabriela Ramos, OECD’s Chief Of Staff, said during a videoconference from Paris, France, that in no other country has there been such a brutal downfall in matters of middle and higher education as in Mexico. Other countries in Latin America, like Chile, have 27 percent of their young people from ages 20 to 29 in college. In Argentina, that number rises up to 28 percent. And in Brazil, 21 percent of their youths are in college. Finland, which is the leader in matters of academic achievements, has 42 percent of their young people in college.

This situation may have been caused by a structural failure. Paradoxically, in Mexico there is a particular phenomenon: the more educated are less likely to find a job.

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via The OECD Alerts About The ‘NiNis’ In Mexico : Latino : Latinos Post.

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