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Canada Job Grant / A non-starter ?

Given the alleged pervasiveness of the skills shortage and the impact it has had on local economies within Canada, one might think it wise for Ottawa and the provincial capitals to find common ground on a matter that affects them with equal adversity. Yet, the idea of establishing a national education and/or training strategy — one guided and informed by Ottawa but executed by the provinces — to combat the skills gap and unemployment seems to be .

Their training would all go to waste locally if [those] people move to another jurisdiction

Why is such a strategy necessary?

Current funding models make it impossible for provincial governments to see past their own interests. “Imagine you have some sensible province that knows what it needs and trains people according to that,” says Arthur Sweetman, economics professor at McMaster University. “Their training would all go to waste locally if [those] people move to another jurisdiction.”

Therein lies the rub. The focus is on how the province benefits, not the nation. Yet, with economic competitiveness becoming increasingly international in nature, Canada must compete at a national level — not a regional one.

National strategies have been pursued in industrialized nations with mixed results. These nations have long correlated secondary and post-secondary school curriculum to market demand, funneling students into educational streams that are congruent with their aptitudes but also aligned with immediate or projected labour needs.

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via Should Canada have a national strategy to combat the skills gap? | Productive Conversations | Financial Post.

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