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European Commission counts 100,000 foreign seasonal workers

Most of third-country workers in the EU find a job in the agriculture and tourism sectors, but the labour market segmentation divides them into first and second class.

The actual figures of third-country seasonal workers employed every year in the EU are very difficult to get, but according to European Commission calculations they would be around 100,000, excluding immigrants without papers. Nevertheless, the treatment given to these workers coming from non-European countries is not the same that the one given to their national counterparts. The problem seems to be labour market segmentation, that is, the existence of different contracts, and consequently of different salaries and rights for the same jobs in the same workplace.

Most of third-country workers in the EU find a job in the agriculture and tourism sectors, and also in the construction industry in the Nordic countries. The problem comes rises from a labour market that is a mess, which artificially divides workers into first and second class, also generating an unfair competition for employers.

Indeed, there are different types of contracts: posted workers, temporary agency workers, part-time workers, fixed-term workers, seasonal workers, intra-corporate transferees and so on. Additionally, the activity of foreign seasonal workers in Europe is subject to seven directives and nearly 200 national laws on different employment contracts and provisions.

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