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India / Unskilled, unemployed and angry

India’s key to future success — its youth — is a ticking time bomb. It is a growing mass of largely undernourished, undereducated, unemployable young people who aspire for a better life but don’t have the means to get there. Why? Because they aren’t qualified for the job market, and even if they are, jobs don’t exist.

The above is the central thesis of a must-read Tehelka essay by Avalok Langer that demolishes the easy comfort of India’s so-called ‘youth dividend.’ Where for decades, we have worried about illiteracy, we now have to wrestle with a new crisis in education: A generation of functionally uneducated Indians being churned out of a fourth-rate education system. They are functionally uneducated in a variety of ways.

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via Unskilled, unemployed, angry: Is India Tomorrow headed for disaster? | Firstpost.

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