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Employers give the best jobs to students who have already worked for them

  • Record number of jobs going to students with experience with employer
  • Research of 100 top employers also identified universities where bosses seek talent
  • Students with no work experience warned they stand little chance of landing job at a leading firm

Record numbers of graduate jobs are going to students who have already worked for the employer, a study revealed today.

More than a third of vacancies will be filled by graduates who have already completed work experience placements or internships – rising to three quarters at some firms.

Students with no work experience at all are being warned they stand barely any chance of landing a job at a leading firm, regardless of their academic achievements.

Employers targeted an average of 20 universities for promotion activity, while accepting applications from a much wider pool in the UK and abroad.

The study, by High Fliers Research, analysed vacancies and starting salaries at 100 of the country’s top employers including banks, law firms, retailers and the civil service.

It found the organisations are expecting a modest increase in graduate recruitment this year after exercising caution in 2012.

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via Students, take note: firms give the best jobs to former interns | Mail Online.

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