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Becoming an Expat Worker in China

Younger people from a wider variety of countries are being attracted to live and work in China, according to a survey. However, becoming an expat in China can be challenging and there is increasing competition from highly qualified Chinese people.

Some 70% of expat executives who took part in survey conducted by the Association of Executive Search Consultants said they noticed a change in the type of expat workers that China is attracting and most are now younger and from more diverse nations. This indicates that China, as one of the few places that is still experiencing growth in the troubled global economy, is attracting more expat executives from a wide range of demographics to pursue their careers, the AESC survey found.

A surprising 71% questioned said that they believe it is difficult for foreign born executives working in China to gain access to local executive positions and 42% said that ‘employers favouring local talent’ is the most inhibiting factor to finding an executive job in China. The survey also shows that 79% of the respondents said that they see a shrinking compensation package gap between expat and local executives.

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via Top flight expat jobs in China proving elusive.

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