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Canada / The New Suitable Job Regulation: 8 000 will have benefits temporarily discontinued

It is expected that EI regular claimants will increase their job search effort, which will result in them finding suitable employment and returning to work more quickly in regions where there are suitable employment opportunities. In turn, their time on claim will be shortened.

Enhanced compliance measures to ensure claimants are fulfilling their responsibility to seek suitable employment will require an annual investment of approximately $7.2 million per year for administrative costs, which includes the cost of processing appeals. It is expected that enhanced compliance measures will result in an estimated 8 000 claimants having their benefits temporarily discontinued until such time as they are able to demonstrate they are meeting their responsibilities under these regulations. These changes will yield program savings of approximately $12.5 million in EI benefits in 2012–2013 and $33 million in 2013–2014 and every year thereafter.

Choosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor from

via Canada Gazette – Regulations Amending the Employment Insurance Regulations.


4 thoughts on “Canada / The New Suitable Job Regulation: 8 000 will have benefits temporarily discontinued

  1. Reblogged this on Klaxon and commented:
    Seasonal workers that lose their EI and are forced into a lower paying job and expect to return to that seasonal job will have their EI cut off. Do you think companies like Northumberland Ferries Ltd would pay these trained seasonal workers full time employment to keep them. I don’t think so. Well PEI’s seasonal Economy from Fisheries, Farming, Tourism and Forestry all require skilled workers. Do you think with these new changes to EI and you have a decent paying skill job in western Canada they will let you come back to your seasonal work, family and community with you EI Not when they want workers in the Tar Sands Chief Harper of #Ottawapiskat

    Posted by anhicken | January 15, 2013, 2:51 pm


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