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Work and Family / The 10 Best Jobs For Balance

According to a recent survey by career website FlexJobs, an overwhelming majority of parents (96%) say having a traditional full-time job conflicts with important parts of taking care of their families, and two-thirds report frequent conflict. At the same time, a whopping 97% of respondents feel that having work flexibility (such as working from home or having a flexible schedule) would help them be a better parent.

Much of that desired flexibility depends on your chosen career path, as some jobs easily flex to fit your lifestyle while others require endless travel, face-time and round-the-clock demands on your attention. Yet, ironically, these career trajectories are typically initiated in your early 20s or before, when you are less likely to have family responsibilities or to factor future ones into your career plans.

“I knew that someday I would have kids, but it didn’t factor into my career decisions,” says Merilee Brooks, 36, a mother of two based in Los Angeles, Calif. “At the time, I wanted to do something that was exciting and fast-paced. I wasn’t thinking that far ahead.”

1. Account Manager

Estimated Earnings: $98,500 per year and $47 per hour

2. Software Developer

Estimated Earnings: $90,500 per year and $44 per hour

3. Part-Time Executive

Estimated Earnings: $40 to $42 an hour

4. Project Manager

Estimated Earnings: $85,000

5. Business Analyst

Estimated Earnings: $74,500 per year and $36 per hour

6. Speech Pathologist

Estimated Earnings: $67,000 per year and $32 per hour

7. Nurse Health Advisor or Health Coach

Estimated Earnings: $64,500 per year and $31 per hour*

8. Online Tax Advisor

Estimated Earnings: $61,500 per year and $30 per hour

9. Curriculum Developer

Estimated Earnings: $59,000 per year and $28 per hour

10. Online Adjunct Faculty

Estimated Earnings: $54,000 per year.

Choosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor from

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via The 10 Best Jobs For Work And Family Balance – Forbes.

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