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New-York – High School Drop-out Rates, Lack Of Job Skills High Among Young

The tenth Annual Education for All Global Monitoring Report shows that 12 percent of young people are dropping out of secondary schools in New York, and are left without vital foundation skills for work. This constitutes one fifth of young people aged 17-24 years being out of school and unemployed.

These young people urgently need an alternative pathway to learn skills which are directly applicable to the labor market so they can find gainful employment and boost the economy, says the report published by UNESCO on Wednesday.

Skills needed to find decent work are learnt at primary and secondary schools. However, about a third of the 173,000 young people in New York, who are out of school and work, lack a high school diploma. Over the entire region of Northern America and Western Europe, there are more than half a million adolescents of lower secondary school age who are not in education. Those without this education, and who have not had a stable job by age 25 years, face sharply diminished chances of enjoying financial stability over their lifetime.

“We are witnessing a young generation frustrated by the chronic mismatch between skills and work. The best answer to the economic downturn and youth unemployment is to ensure that young people acquire the basic skills and relevant training they need to enter the world of work with confidence,” said UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova. “Many youth, and women in particular, need to be offered alternative pathways to education, so that they gain the skills to earn a living, live in dignity and contribute to their communities and societies,” she added…

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One thought on “New-York – High School Drop-out Rates, Lack Of Job Skills High Among Young

  1. I’ve taught for 25 years and have a MA in education. There are rich and
    poor kids at my school. My observation of the last 25 years is that
    rich parents won’t put up with their kid being a failure and early on
    have instilled the importance of education into the kid. Dropping out
    is not even thought of in these kids, but rather how high I can push my
    GPA/Class Rank/SAT/ACT so I can move on to a big name school and make
    major money like my folks have. My poorer kids often don’t have that.
    They don’t do homework, behave, study for tests, parents don’t show up
    for open house, they fight, are lazy, their attendance is often bad, in
    short they don’t do what it takes to be successful. Not every single
    one, but many of them, a complete “class” difference in how you handle
    school. If you don’t pay attention and you don’t do your homework and
    you fail your test, that’s on you, not the school. Let me go one step
    further. If you look at how much money a parent makes and their level
    of education and compare it to the kids SAT score, there is a totally
    direct correlation between the two.

    Posted by Ged Online | October 30, 2012, 2:47 am

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