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US – UI benefits for the 65 million acting as family caregivers

This research report presents detailed information on the policies and practices in place in state unemployment insurance (UI) programs that provide potential temporary financial assistance to family caregivers.  The report draws on legal analysis from 50 states and the District of Columbia and in-depth interviews with advocates and UI agency officials from 10 targeted states … Continue reading

Summer Job for Teens – Tips for yours

Performing the Market Research  Have your teen really research the job opportunity. For instance, let’s say that they want to work as a sales clerk or barista for the summer. Encourage your teen to visit the store and observe the current sales staff, while writing down their impressions. Their list of observations can include: Did … Continue reading

Canada’s Jobs and Opportunities Agenda – Finance minister admits he doesn’t know

Finance Minister  is admitting he doesn’t know how many jobs last week’s federal budget will create. Despite insisting that the budget will create jobs through measures such as the small business tax cut, Oliver told CTV’s Question Period that he doesn’t know how many. “We have forecasts for the growth and the economy. I don’t … Continue reading

US – 44 percent reported participating in some informal paid work during 2011–2013

“Informal” work refers to temporary or occasional side jobs from which earnings are presumably not reported in full to the Internal Revenue Service and which typically do not constitute a dominant or complete source of income. Perhaps the most important reason for undertaking informal work is to offset negative income and employment shocks, such as … Continue reading

The 10 trends in the 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report

Global organizations today navigate a “new world of work”—one that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources. More than 3,300 organizations from 106 countries contributed to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 survey, assessing the importance of specific talent challenges and their readiness to meet them. This report explores 10 … Continue reading

US – The growing movement for $15

In Part 1 of this report, we look at the portion of the U.S. workforce that currently earns less than $15 per hour in the United States. Our findings include the following: Forty-two (42) percent of U.S. workers make less than $15 per hour. Women and people of color are overrepresented in jobs paying less … Continue reading

The gap between HR’s aspirations and actual role persists

I’ve observed this gap in a variety of organizations, both as a consultant and as an in-house manager at several multinationals. Fundamentally, I believe, the gap arises from two complementary causes. First, executives and managers often think their job is to get financial results rather than to manage people. Second, when executives and managers neglect … Continue reading

Is Freelancing the Right Job for You – 5 Point Checklist

Read on to understand whether freelancing is the best job for you:  1. Promoting your own self As a freelancer you will have to market and promote yourself. Business can flow in from any avenue; hence, you will have to publicise your intent in front of family, friends, neighbours, or even an occasional stranger on … Continue reading

US – The Science and Engineering Workforce

T​he number of college graduates in the United States nearly doubled between 1993 and 2013, from 29 million to 55 million, according to the National Survey of College Graduates (NSCG). The number of college graduates with degrees in science and engineering (S&E) fields grew faster than the number of college graduates with degrees in non-S&E … Continue reading

Atlantic City casinos have 1,400 job openings – pressofAtlanticCity.com: Breaking News

The casino hotels are going on a hiring spree, with more than 1,400 jobs available in a market still trying to recover from the closings of four gaming resorts last year. Matthew Levinson, chairman of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, said he was surprised to learn there were so many job openings that needed … Continue reading

Facebook – Increased headcount by 48%

Mark Zuckerberg is going to need to find some more pinball machines and rock-climbing walls. The social networking company, known for its many perks that make it a regular on the hottest-places-to-work lists, is increasing headcount at an incredible pace. Facebook, which reported that sales fell short of estimates, passed the 10,000-employee mark last quarter. … Continue reading

Aging Workforce – How prepared is the US

Gillian B. White: You spent a lot of time researching the labor force and changing demographics around the world, in your opinion how prepared is the U.S. for the shift to an older population? Joseph M. Coleman: There are good things and bad things. We have a very dynamic economy, we’re able to react to … Continue reading

Dealing with a Bad Boss – What NOT to Do

Executive coach Peter Barron Stark says there are several things that don’t work in heated scenarios. In a blog post he outlined behaviors that have gotten employees fired on the spot or managed out of their company and suggests the following: Don’t go head-to-head with your boss in defiance of your boss’s directives and goals. … Continue reading

Unemployemnt in Spain – Rises slightly to 23.78 percent

Spain’s unemployment rate in the first quarter increased for the first time in a year, albeit modestly, preliminary figures from the statistical office INE showed Thursday.  The jobless rate rose to 23.78 percent from 23.70 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014. Economists had expected the figure to remain unchanged. The latest increase was the … Continue reading

Ignore economists at your peril – The case of the Internet economy

Forget about equations and forecasts. Powerful economic concepts have given rise to companies and transformed industries. Ignore economists at your peril.  As business leaders seek to stay ahead of the curve, they should ensure that somewhere in their range of view are the ideas of economists. Not forecasts or models or the dry parade of … Continue reading

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