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Minimum Wage in US – The Tracker

There are 14 states that have changed their minimum-wage law since January 2014. Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia The effective minimum wage has increased in 26 states and D.C. since January 2014. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, … Continue reading

Apprenticeship – The benefits of employing older apprentices

The evidence firmly suggests those in later life want to continue working. A January YouGov poll showed that around half of non-retired over-50s want to still be working between the ages of 65 and 70, and only 15% of non-retired over-50s said they would want to stop work altogether between ages 60 and 65. “If … Continue reading

Korea – Youth unemployment rate highest in 15 years

The nation’s youth unemployment reached the highest this year since 2000, raising serious concerns about the government’s labor policies especially for the country’s younger population, as well as the limited job security among young contract workers. The number of unemployed young Koreans, which stood at 330,000 back in 2013, rose to 380,000 last year, and … Continue reading

Vodafone Spain – To cut up to 1,300 jobs

The Spanish business of London-listed telecoms group Vodafone said on Tuesday it will cut up to 1,300 jobs as it trims its workforce following last year’s acquisition of the county’s largest cable operator Ono. Negotiations with employee representatives over the cuts will start on September 1, it said in a statement. Chosen excerpts by Job … Continue reading

Online Shops in China – Over 10 million jobs have been created in 2014

Over 10 million jobs have been created in 2014 by online shops in China, with over half of them run by enterprising college students, a media report said today. Nearly 60 per cent of online shops operated by individuals rather than enterprises are run by either college students or college graduates, the People’s Daily reported … Continue reading

Forest sector in Canada – Shortage of skilled workers union says

A shortage of skilled tradespeople could put a damper on the upswing in the forest sector, according to Unifor. The union says steady jobs, with pay up to $42 per hour at some northwestern Ontario mills, are hard to fill because there are few qualified candidates. Unifor national representative Stephen Boon says despite lucrative salaries, mills in … Continue reading

UK – 54,000 new mothers may be forced out of their jobs each year report says

New research suggests that around 54,000 new mothers may be forced out of their jobs in Britain each year. These findings are based on a survey of over 3,200 women by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, in which 11% of the women interviewed reported having been dismissed, made compulsorily redundant where others in their … Continue reading

Russia – 110,000 jobs cut in the Ministry of Interior

In a massive austerity move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has removed about 110,000 employees from their jobs in the Ministry of Interior. Last week, the President had signed an agreement to cut the workforce of the ministry to 10 percent, CNN Money reported. The Russian economy contracted by 2.2 percent in the first quarter of the calendar … Continue reading

Greece’s Brain Drain – Young, educated workers are fleeing

As Greece stumbles from one economic disappointment to the next, the country is now exporting something it desperately needs to retain; young, educated workers. Thousands of skilled Greeks are heading overseas to further their careers, leading to fears the deeply troubled nation could be facing a brain drain. Recruitment agencies in the UK have reported … Continue reading

Immigration in Europe – It is old people everywhere who oppose immigration the most

The vast number of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean recently has been fueling anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe, adding even more challenges to the debate about immigration policies. The difficulty that surrounds agreement on immigration matters is also evident if we look at the current state of the European Union immigration policy; rather than a common policy, it is a collection … Continue reading

Quirky – Another round of layoffs to come

Quirky, the New York City startup with the goal of “making invention accessible,” announced to its employees Friday morning that more layoffs could be on the way as it struggles to raise additional capital, the company confirmed to Business Insider.  Company spokesperson Tiffany Markofsky said in an email that Quirky is considering an additional reduction in headcount … Continue reading

Mining – Anglo American and Lonmin to cut 12,000 jobs

Two London-listed mining groups are to slash up to 12,000 jobs as commodity prices slump to levels last seen during the global recession of 2008-09. Platinum producer Lonmin plans to shut or mothball several mine shafts, putting 6,000 South African jobs at risk. Platinum prices have hit a six-and-a-half-year low, while power and labour costs … Continue reading

Canada – L’assurance-emploi doit se recentrer sur le remplacement du revenu des personnes ayant perdu leur emploi selon un rapport de l’IRPP

Sommaire ■ L’assurance-emploi doit se recentrer sur le remplacement du revenu des personnes ayant perdu leur emploi, les autres mandats (congé de maladie, congé parental, formation, etc.) devant faire l’objet de régimes distincts. ■ Elle doit être gérée par une caisse autonome et financée à parts égales par les cotisations des employeurs et des employés. … Continue reading

The ‘Relevant’ Résumé – Littered with your failures, bad references, and non-skills

How do you leave a lasting impression on a prospective employer? Jeff Scardino, senior creative at Ogilvy & Mather and professor at the Miami Ad School in Brooklyn, may have an answer to this classic job seeker’s dilemma. He designed what he calls the relevant résumé — a résumé littered with your failures, bad references, … Continue reading

US – CEO pay was, on average, more than 370 times higher than the income of the average American worker Stifel finds

According to a recent report from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), S&P 500 company CEOs made an average salary package of $22.6M in 2014, up nearly $2M from the previous year. Alternatively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average worker in the US made only $36.1k … Continue reading

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