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Fiscal Policy and Youth Unemployment – Direct intervention in youth labour markets is also called for

One of the most consistent findings of the literature on the causes of youth labour market outcomes is that aggregate demand is a fundamental determinant of the state of the youth labour market. Recent research has also reaffirmed the importance of expansionary fiscal policy in counteracting, or at least mitigating, the negative effects of the … Continue reading

A Fourth of Humanity Is Now Young – The vast majority live in the developing world

Much has been made of the challenges of aging societies. But it’s the youth bulge that stands to put greater pressure on the global economy, sow political unrest, spur mass migration and have profound consequences for everything from marriage to Internet access to the growth of cities. The parable of our time might well be: … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment – Significantly lower in countries with a high share of dual VET programmes research finds

In this paper, we investigated whether an education system with an extensive VET programme, measured by the enrolment rate of students in these programmes, increases the labour market integration and the quality of jobs for young people. This relationship has been studies before, but we extend the existing literature in three ways: First, we analyse … Continue reading

Euro Area in January 2016 – Unemployment rate at 10.3%, 22.0% or 3.037 million under 25 unemployed

The euro area (EA19) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 10.3% in January 2016, down from 10.4% in December 2015, and from 11.3% in January 2015. This is the lowest rate recorded in the euro area since August 2011. The EU28 unemployment rate was 8.9% in January 2016, down from 9.0% in December 2015, and from 9.8% … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment and the Skills Gap – Certainly it is a failure

Simon London: The sort of layperson’s view would be that this sounds like a sort of massive case of market failure. On the one hand, you’ve got a lot of idle resources—young people who want to work. And on the other hand, … you’ve got employers who are really struggling to attract and retain entry-level … Continue reading

Middle East’s youth unemployment – 27 million not in education, employment, or training

Unemployment across the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region is expected to surge in the coming years as a combination of structural and cyclical factors is adversely impacting job creation in both oil-exporting and oil-importing countries.  According to a recent report ‘Re-Dynamising the Job Machine: Technology-Driven Transformation of Labor Markets in MENA’, produced jointly … Continue reading

Unemployed Youth in UK – To attend ‘boot camps’ in ‘no excuses’ crackdown

Jobless young people will be made to attend “boot camps” in return for benefits as part of a new Conservative drive to bring a “no excuses” culture to youth employment. Under the plan, anyone under 21 who is out of work and on benefits will have to take part in a three-week intensive course to … Continue reading

Addressing Youth Unemployment in Africa

At a flat rate of 11.9 per cent in 2012 and 2013 as reported by the International Labour Organisation, compared to the current global average of 13.1 per cent, Africa does not have high levels of youth unemployment. However due to the size of the continent, and different degrees of urbanisation and shifts in economic … Continue reading

Italy – Youth unemployment reaches 38-year high

Italy’s unemployment rate moved up to 12.7 per cent in June from 12.5 per cent in May, delivering a blow to hopes that the nascent recovery in the eurozone’s third largest economy could bring some relief to its sclerotic labour market. Meanwhile, youth joblessness increased to 44.2 per cent, its highest level since 1977 and … Continue reading

Korea – Youth unemployment rate highest in 15 years

The nation’s youth unemployment reached the highest this year since 2000, raising serious concerns about the government’s labor policies especially for the country’s younger population, as well as the limited job security among young contract workers. The number of unemployed young Koreans, which stood at 330,000 back in 2013, rose to 380,000 last year, and … Continue reading

Greece’s Brain Drain – Young, educated workers are fleeing

As Greece stumbles from one economic disappointment to the next, the country is now exporting something it desperately needs to retain; young, educated workers. Thousands of skilled Greeks are heading overseas to further their careers, leading to fears the deeply troubled nation could be facing a brain drain. Recruitment agencies in the UK have reported … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment in Europe – A chart

According to Eurostat, youth unemployment is still unrelenting across Europe. In March 2015, the most recent month where data is available for all 28 EU nations, Spain had the worst unemployment rate for people under 25 years of age, 49.9 percent. Greece was only marginally better off with 49.7 percent. You will find more statistics … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment around the World – A Map

Overall youth unemployment in Somalia is roughly 67 percent, according to the U.N. Development Program, though that number may be as high as 75 or 80 percent in some parts of the country. Some of the issues underlying the country’s employment problems, like decades of conflict and environmental degradation, are specific to Somalia. But the … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment in US – Starbucks leads vow to hire 100,000

Several corporate giants, including Starbucks and Wal-Mart, on Monday announced the “100,000 opportunities initiative” – a program aimed at hiring 100,000 youngsters aged 16-24 years who face systemic barriers to jobs and education. The initiative is part of corporate social responsibility by more than a dozen leading, U.S.-based companies, aiming to provide by 2018, apprenticeships, … Continue reading

Caribbean Youth Unemployment – Tourism is the solution Bahamas Prime Minister says

Caribbean youth unemployment is the “greatest scourge of our time,” according to Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie. But there’s a way to help solve the problem, Christie says, by focusing on the region’s biggest economic driver: tourism. “I know that for some, tourism may be redolent of a part of our history that we would … Continue reading

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