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Working Poor in Europe – The increase in non-standard forms of employment in many countries appears to have contributed to rising it

The ‘working poor’ are a substantial group, the latest estimate putting 10% of European workers at risk of poverty, up from 8% in 2007. This report describes the development of in-work poverty in the EU since the crisis of 2008, picking up where an earlier Eurofound report on this subject, published in 2010, ended and … Continue reading

The Working Poor in US – The highest among seventeen affluent democratic nations (as of 2000)

In-work poverty became a prominent policy issue in the United States long before the term itself acquired any meaning and relevance in other industrialized countries. With America’s embrace of an employment-centered antipoverty strategy, the working poor have become even more of an issue. This paper reviews some key trends, drivers and policy issues. How much … Continue reading

Working Poors in US – About 10 percent of working households are poor

A new study by sociologists at BYU, Cornell and LSU provides a rigorous new estimate. Their work suggests about 10 percent of working households are poor. Additionally, households led by women, minorities or individuals with low education are more likely to be poor, but employed. BYU professor Scott Sanders says the findings dispel the notion … Continue reading

Working Poor for Washington / Workers Protest Taxpayer-Funded ‘Poverty Jobs’

Close to 100 cleaning and concessions contract workers from various federal facilities in Washington walked off their jobs and marched to the White House to protest what they called taxpayer-funded “poverty jobs” Continue reading

Canada / Some RCAF members at Cold Lake have to work second jobs

Canadian Forces ombudsman says some members of the military serving at the air base in Cold Lake, Alta., have to take second jobs to make ends meet Continue reading

US / 5 Myths About the Minimum Wage

Myth #1: Hordes of Minimum-Wage Workers Very few Americans are actually working for the federal minimum wage—it’s just 2.9 percent of all workers in the United States. In other words, 97 percent of American workers make more than minimum wage. Myth #2: The “Working Poor” Getting By on Minimum Wage More than half of minimum-wage … Continue reading

Hong Kong / Working Poors Live In Cages

Some 100,000 people in the former British colony live in what’s known as inadequate housing, according to the Society for Community Organization, a social welfare group. The category also includes apartments subdivided into tiny cubicles or filled with coffin-sized wood and metal sleeping compartments as well as rooftop shacks. They’re a grim counterpoint to the … Continue reading

US / 47.5 million in Working Poors Families, could reach 50 millions soon

“While the U.S. economy has shown some signs of recovery—the U.S. unemployment rate has dipped below 8 percent from 10 percent three years ago—the economic outlook for many working families is bleak”  write Brandon Roberts, Deborah Povich and Mark Mather New in LOW-INCOME WORKING FAMILIES: THE GROWING ECONOMIC GAP (Adapted choosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor to follow) Data from the U.S. … Continue reading

Georgia | Some of highest income taxes on the working poor

Tuesday is the last day to file state and federal income tax returns. The deadline comes near the release of a report by the Washington-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which says Georgia levies some of the nation’s highest income taxes on the working poor. The report says Georgia is one of only 15 … Continue reading

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