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Skills and the Future of Work in US – Seven initiatives to transform workforce development

A wholesale reexamination of existing strategies and program administration is needed to enable individuals to pursue new opportunities and fuel the country’s economic growth. Federal and state governments are well positioned to serve as a catalyst for this effort by convening the right parties, aligning goals and incentives, and helping to scale promising efforts through … Continue reading

Worker-Training and Adjustment Policies in US – A reform program

There has been growing speculation that a coming wave of innovation—indeed, a tsunami—powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, will disrupt labor markets, generate mass unemployment, and shift the few jobs that remain into the insecure “gig economy.” Kneejerk “solutions” from such technology Cassandras include ideas like taxing “robots” and implementing universal basic income for … Continue reading

Skills System in UK – From ‘inadequate’ to ‘outstanding’: making it a world class

The majority of people who will be working in 2030 are already in the workforce, and will be untouched by the current round of educational reforms. UK employers spend less on training than other major EU economies and less than the EU average. Participation in job-related adult learning has fallen significantly in recent years, leaving … Continue reading

Skills Policy at Local Level – Learning Lessons from Abroad for UK

Evidence was drawn from the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium (Flanders), and Sweden. All have skill systems and models of local governance that reflect their unique historical development. But this does not preclude learning lessons from their experiences that can inform the process local areas in England are embarking upon. Enabling effective local working is dependent … Continue reading

Sectoral Cooperation on Skills in Europe – Three steps to match skills to sectors’ needs

The Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills is a new framework for strategic cooperation to address short and medium-term skills needs in a given economic sector. The publication outlines how stakeholders (businesses, trade unions, public authorities, research, education and training institutions etc.) can apply the framework to address sectoral challenges, illustrating the steps towards delivering … Continue reading

India and Australia – The trade agreement to include upskilling

The planned Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement between Australia and India will enable Australia to contribute to the mass upskilling of India’s youth population, said Belinda Robinson, chief executive of Universities Australia, this week.  The agreement, which is expected to be finalised at the end of the year, is being seen as an opportunity for both … Continue reading

Higher Education and Skills Gap in US – New workforce training models needed brookings’ Holzer finds

Employment of Americans in middle-wage jobs has been declining, due to trends both in employer demand and worker skill attainment. Workforce development in the US now mostly occurs in community and forprofit colleges, as well as the lower-tier of 4-year colleges. Enrollment rates are high, even among the disadvantaged, but completion rates are very low … Continue reading

Alabama Workforce Council – A series of initiatives

A new era of collaboration between Alabama business leaders and education officials anchors a series of innovative initiatives that take aim at transforming workforce development efforts and improving educational outcomes in the state.  These proposals are detailed in a report prepared by the Alabama Workforce Council, which is now being made available to the public. … Continue reading

US – Obama to sign bill improving worker training

On Tuesday, President Obama and Vice President Biden will announce new executive actions on job training at the signing of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act  Congress and the President have finally found some common ground: Obama will sign the first significant legislative job training reform effort in nearly a decade on Tuesday. The Workforce … Continue reading

Future Care Workforce in UK – To add 1 million workers by 2025

The Future Care Workforce reviews the state of the adult social care workforce and how it may have to evolve to meet the challenges it is likely to face over the coming decade. This report was supported by Anchor.  This report finds that the adult social care sector in England will need to add approximately … Continue reading

Biden and the Skills Gap in US / 47 overlapping programs in 2009 says GOP

More than 10 million Americans are jobless, but about 4 million jobs were unfilled at the end of November, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many economists and industry experts attribute the disparity to a gap between workers\’ skills and the skills employers need. “There are plenty of jobs out there, and there’s a … Continue reading

US / Industry-driven, sector-focused workforce development strategies are needed says Brookings

Collaborative attendees expressed nearly unanimous agreement on the need for industry-driven, sector-focused workforce development strategies that track with economic development priorities Continue reading

India / 69% of the workforce looking to upgrade skills

A large chunk of the workforce in the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific is looking at skill enhancement and career development when compared to their global peers, says a recent study conducted by a global recruitment firm. As many as 69% of Indian employees are either actively seeking or considering further education or training, significantly higher … Continue reading

UK / Employers not making the most of e-learning methods

Three-quarters (74%) of organisations currently use e-learning, but only 15% report that it is one of the most effective learning practices available to them. This gap will need to be closed if UK businesses are to keep up with the impact of globalisation and capitalise on the benefits of e-learning, such as improved connectivity and … Continue reading

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