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VET School-Company Partnerships – Recommendations for company trainers

Company trainers are likely to continue to play an important role in ensuring and developing good partnerships between schools and companies. At the same time, expectations towards company trainers are not always entirely clear. The professional profile and identity of company trainers may be somewhat unclear, and the logic of production, predominant in work place … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment – Significantly lower in countries with a high share of dual VET programmes research finds

In this paper, we investigated whether an education system with an extensive VET programme, measured by the enrolment rate of students in these programmes, increases the labour market integration and the quality of jobs for young people. This relationship has been studies before, but we extend the existing literature in three ways: First, we analyse … Continue reading

Skills Gap – Is this a reason to question the increasingly vocational nature of university courses?

Professional and vocational courses requiring 5 years’ post-secondary study are supposed to meet speci c needs for competences in a given area of employment. Young graduates believe they have acquired the speci c competences they think their employers require. In their view, the shortfall lies in their general competences. Is this a reason to question … Continue reading

VET perception and Attractiveness in Europe – The chance to earn while learning is a key

With astonishing rates of youth unemployment across many european member states, policy makers are increasingly called into action in order to tackle a generational plague affecting both european youth, and the overall prosperity of the continent. The observation that countries with low youth unemployment rates are those where Vocational Education and Training (VET) and apprenticeship programmes … Continue reading

Vocational Education and Training – Three types of governance models

In vocational education and training three ideal types of regulation and governance are usually distinguished on the dominant either from the state, the market or professional groups initiatives. The prevalent typology in policy research distinguishes three models of governance, which can be termed market-driven, state-controlled and occupation-driven or corporatist VET governance ). In the following the … Continue reading

Australia – We must overhaul vocational education and training the Chamber of Commerce and Industry says

Australia must overhaul its vocational education and training if people are to get the skills they need for the jobs of the future, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today. The Australian Chamber is today releasing a policy paper, “Focus on Skills: Building a Better National Vocational Education and Training System”, which argues for … Continue reading

Vocational Education in China – More than 3,000 new programs last year

Vocational colleges in China established more than 3,000 new programs last year to meet the demand of emerging sectors and to cater to people’s needs, said a report released on Wednesday. The programs subjects, such as the Internet of Things, senior care, community administration, new energy and urban transit, are urgently needed to accommodate plans … Continue reading

Vocational Education in US – Many still see it as something only low-income

Vocational education is changing, but many still see it as something only low-income, mostly minority students are pushed into and an option that upper class students and white students wouldn’t be encouraged to take. As academics and authors on national education trends point out, when our society devalues anything that isn’t academic prep work and … Continue reading

Vocational education and training has been neglected OECD says

“Vocational education and training has been neglected. If “strong vocational programmes increase competitiveness”, “many programmes fail to meet labour market needs” writes the OECD in LEARNING FOR JOBS: SUMMARY AND POLICY MESSAGES. The OCDE review “aims to bridge the gap between learning and jobs, by exploring how to make initial vocational education and training for … Continue reading

Vocational Education in China – More than 130 million people have graduated since 1996

More than 130 million people have graduated from vocational schools and colleges in China since a law on vocational education was promulgated in September 1996, the top legislator said in a report Monday. Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, the top legislature, said in a report delivered to the ongoing … Continue reading

Vocational Education – Measuring the Specificity of Occupational Training Curricula

In this paper we analyze the training curricula of VET (vocational education and training) occupations using detailed data on learned skills from official trainings regulations. We explore how differences in the skill bundles of occupational curricula can be measured and how such differences affect graduates’ long-term labor market outcomes. Based on Lazear’s skill weights approach, … Continue reading

Vocational Education – Does more specific education lead to wage penalties ? No study finds

We analyze horizontal mismatch in Switzerland defined as a mismatch between the type of skills  acquired by students and the skills required for their job. We investigate the argument in the literature that the more specific an education system is, the higher are the wage penalties due to horizontal mismatch. Switzerland is an ideal case … Continue reading

Career Advice in UK – Children should choose academic or vocational path at 14 Ofsted chief says

Pupils should be ‘streamed’ into either academic or vocational ‘clusters’ at the age of 14 to help them get jobs when they leave school, according to the head of Ofsted,  Sir Michael Wilshaw said teenagers should transfer between schools before sitting their GCSEs depending on their aptitude for an academic or vocational education. He said … Continue reading

Vocational Education – The Skills Show in Birmingham gets over 75,000 visits

In Birmingham last week, an enormous event took place. The Skills Show. Over 75,000 children, parents and teachers piled into Birmingham’s NEC to try out the widest range of skills available countrywide. The Skills Show is not just a giant exhibition – although it might look like one, with its pop-up restaurants, manicure benches and … Continue reading

OECD – Post-secondary vocational education and training plays an under-recognised role in country skill systems

School and university, and the well-trod path between them, play a dominant role in thinking about education policy. But outside these two institutions there exists a less well understood world of colleges, diplomas, certificates and professional examinations – the world of post-secondary vocational education and training. many professional and technical jobs require no more than … Continue reading

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