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Collective Bargaining – Revamp it to prevent rising labour market inequalities in rapidly changing world of work OECD says

Collective bargaining and worker’s voice are key labour rights but can also improve labour market performances, according to new OECD findings. Yet both these rights are under pressure from the general weakening of labour relations in many countries and the rise of new and often precarious forms of employment, according to a new OECD report. … Continue reading

The Future of Work in Europe – A union perspective

“Yes we can, but no we’re not” Just before the final plenary session, the conference’s ‘themeweaver’ Jacki Davis summarised three days of intense discussion on ‘shaping the new world of work’. “The stakes could not be higher,” she stated, in an economy witnessing increased robotisation and digitalisation. The reshaping of the world of work brings … Continue reading

Union Members in US – Who are they?

As Labor Day approaches, we honor the labor leaders and working people throughout history who have fought for labor protections and a voice on the job. In 2017, unions continue to fight for labor standards and higher wages in traditionally unionized sectors, like manufacturing, along with new industries, like digital journalism. Today’s unions are diverse. … Continue reading

View of labor Unions in US – About six-in-ten adults today have a favorable view

About six-in-ten adults today have a favorable view of labor unions (60%) and business corporations (56%), according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Views of both have grown more positive since March 2015, when roughly half of adults (48%) expressed a favorable view of each. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story … Continue reading

Finland – A labor pact could be clinched

Finland’s government sees good prospects for unions and employers’ representatives to reach a comprehensive labor reform deal next week, Economic Affairs minister Olli Rehn said on Friday. A handful of Finnish unions have opposed a proposed labor pact, a centerpiece of government efforts to haul the economy decisively out of recession by making exports more … Continue reading

Canada Job Grant / It is misleading say unions calling for new monies for it

Labour organizations, including the Ontario Federation of Labour, Unifor, and CUPE-Ontario are calling on the federal government to find new monies for the Canada Jobs Grant, instead of absorbing funds earmarked for crucial training and employment services. The labour organizations are raising their concerns in advance of a November 8 meeting of Federal Minister of … Continue reading

Canada / ‘Young people have been completely betrayed by Canada says Unifor President Jerry Dias

Young people have been completely betrayed by Canada. In August I think about 60,000 jobs were created, but the problem is of course that 70 per cent are precarious jobs, contract jobs, part time jobs. The worst and the most staggering figure that came out of that is that a majority of those jobs were … Continue reading

US-China / The first ever AFL-CIO president to make the trip

China has been something of a problem for the American labor movement over the past, oh, half century: It\’s absorbed hundreds of thousands of formerly American jobs, playing a big role in the collapse of U.S. manufacturing. During that time, no sitting AFL-CIO president has seen fit to pay a visit — until this past … Continue reading

Airbus workers in France seek jobs guarantee – New Alabama plant should create about 2,500 construction jobs

Airbus should create about 2,500 construction jobs to build a new US$600 million airliner assembly plant in Mobile, Alabama, and 400 to 500 full-time jobs once production starts in 2017, a source familiar with the plans said on Saturday. The European planemaker, owned by EADS, is poised to announce plans to build the plant for … Continue reading

UPDATE – American Airlines layoffs

Facing layoffs and other cuts, unions at American Airlines back merger bid from US Airways US Airways made an end run around its larger rival and secured the support of American’s three labour unions in its bid to force a merger. The unions were angry with American over its plan to cut jobs and squeeze … Continue reading

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