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COVID and Job Cuts – The difference between being furloughed and laid off?

Furloughing is actually a common practice used by many companies, such as landscaping and construction businesses, that will typically furlough workers during cold seasons, Business Insider adds. But during a national crisis such as coronavirus, companies that do not regularly furlough workers will turn to the practice to stay afloat. Recently, Macy’s announced it was … Continue reading

Job Search – 15 things learned from unemployment

This is what I learned (and am still learning) from 2015: My Year of Job Searching. 1. Getting a job took longer than I thought it would. 2. A degree does not guarantee a job. 3. I had no idea moving back home after graduation would be so difficult. 4. My unemployment was both glorious … Continue reading

UK – Are Jobcentre’s demands helping job search ?

A JOBSEEKER claims he is being discriminated against because he has voiced his objections to “draconian” demands. Peter Styles says that a requirement to sign on every day in segregation with a member of staff behind Perspex glass at a Jobcentre is hindering his search for a job. The 43-year-old has appealed against the decision … Continue reading

LinkedIn – Your current position when you’re unemployed: “open to opportunities”

Krista Canfield, PR Manager at LinkedIn has suggestions: “If you’re currently unemployed list your current position as “open to opportunities.” If you just recently lost your job, make sure you update your status field in your profile so your network knows that you’re looking for a job. You can update it with, “John is currently … Continue reading

UK – Unemployed must sign on every day from now

Harsh rules to drive the long-term unemployed into work come into force today, which state they will only receive their benefits if they either show up at a jobcentre every day or commit to six months of voluntary work.  Those who fail to comply with the rules, which also offer signing up to a training … Continue reading

LinkedIn / Profiles for the out of work

There are no good euphemisms for unemployment. Job seekers often suggest they are “in transition” or “looking for the next great opportunity,” but experts say such phrases don’t really sugarcoat things. This dilemma has become even more important since the advent of LinkedIn, which has turned resumes into public, living documents. Career coaches are divided … Continue reading

UK / Jobseekers on bogus psychometric tests

Jobseekers are being made to complete bogus psychometric tests by the Department for Work and Pensions – and told that in some cases they risk losing their benefits if they do not complete the meaningless online questionnaire. The test called My Strengths, devised by Downing Street’s behavioural insights or “nudge” unit, has been exposed by … Continue reading

Young And Unemployed / 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Hired

If you’re a college graduate and you’re unemployed, you might have an idea of what I’m about to talk about. You’ve spent four years of your life hitting the books, getting good grades, participating in relevant extra-curricular activities, and maybe even juggling a part-time job in between. You’ve worked really hard for your degree and … Continue reading

Testimonies / Unemployment stories: Hello from the underclass

The real unemployment rate in southwest Detroit is almost 50%. Seventeen rural South Carolina counties just closed their unemployment offices due to budget cuts, despite high unemployment. In New York, unemployed people say they’re being discriminated against in job searches. The life of the unemployed American is not easy. Each week, we bring you true … Continue reading

Twen­ty three mil­lion Amer­i­cans are unable to find jobs or are under­em­ployed.

23 mil­lion! So why, then, has Barack Obama and his goofy admin­is­tra­tion made it a pri­or­i­ty to delay depor­ta­tion of ille­gal aliens AND issue work per­mits to the invaders? http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/49485

High Long-Term Unemployment not only bad for the economy, it’s bad for our bodies and souls as well

Our persistently high unemployment rate is not only bad for the economy, it’s bad for our bodies and souls as well. Unemployment wears down the unemployed both mentally and physically. But high unemployment also hurts those with jobs, as some workers worry endlessly (and not without justification) that they too could be let go at … Continue reading

Unemployment Quest : Charles DeYoe was looking for a job reports Wired

Charles DeYoe has been looking for a job ever since he graduated school a year ago. But Charles decided to make the most of the experience, and turn his hunt for work into a video game, Unemployment Quest.  Charles is running a Kickstarter project to raise funds to finish Unemployment Quest and produce pro-quality CDs. With 16 days to … Continue reading

The psychological dynamics of job-seeking | Ability to focus on goal resides within individuals

With a number of economic indicators providing hopeful news, a new study that probes the psychological dynamics of job-seeking offers an additional reason for encouragement for the unemployed. The new research in the current issue of The Academy of Management Journal provides a rare look at the ebb and flow of emotions among 177 jobless people over the … Continue reading

France | A generation of desperate youngsters

Boualem Ben Moussa has delivered pizzas, worked on a building site, washed dishes in a restaurant and delivered more pizzas. School was not his thing, he says. Now 28, he dropped out at 16 and has since stumbled from short-term contract to short-term contract. But things are looking up. In Lormont, a dreary suburb northeast … Continue reading

Former Lehman Worker Says Long-Term Unemployment Is ‘Demeaning’

At one time, it was easy for Pamela Vernocchi to get a job — she’s worked at several large financial firms on Wall Street — until she got laid-off in 2008. Since then Vernocchi has been on 30 job interviews and submitted around 4,000 resumes. She’s still unemployed. “Back in the day, I had to turn … Continue reading

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