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Tourism in Egypt – A deteriorating job sector

Skilled tourism workers have abandoned the sector, and Egyptian hotels face considerable challenges in training new workers, according to Hussein Badran, adviser to the Ministry of Tourism for human resources development and training. The ratio of workers to rooms has dropped from 7.9 workers for every room to a single worker for each room, Badran … Continue reading

Getting in Europe – Over 17 million people from third countries around the world submitted visa applications

Last year over 17 million people from third countries around the world submitted visa applications to enter the Schengen area.  This is certainly a striking figure, but what is even more striking are the estimations that at least 6.6 million potential travellers did not enter the Schengen area in that same year due to lengthy … Continue reading

Vietnam / Mekong delta short of skilled workers

Vietnam’s tourism experts say a lack of skilled workers will hinder tourism development in the Mekong River delta and cause the region to lag behind other areas of the country. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s southern office acting director, Le Van Hung, told local media that the delta was one of the country’s most … Continue reading

The ‘Best Job In The World’ rides again

Tourism Australia is hiring again with their marketing campaign to give winning contestants the six ‘Best jobs in the world’. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor  via The ‘Best Job In The World’ is Back.

Philippine / Tourism industry to generate 7 M new jobs

Seven million new jobs are expected to be generated from the booming tourism industry in the next years. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez said people are expected to feel the impact of the growing tourism industry. “What is beautiful about tourism is that it has a trickle effect, every tourism activity generates new jobs,” he said. … Continue reading

Dominican Republic / 100,000 skilled workers needed in tourism

Santo Domingo.-  Dominican Republic’s tourism sector needs as many as 100,000 skilled workers, for which the hoteliers and tourism businesses grouped in Asonahores call a great contribution the planned training center, to be sponsored by the Avignon Hotel School. Asonahores vice president Arturo Villanueva said the hotel trade and pastry school will be built in … Continue reading

Australia – Troubled Times For Tourism

The latest national study by the Tourism and Transport Forum says that Australian tourism industry will have tough time trying to compete with Asian rivals. As tourists flock to Australia in record numbers, the industry is facing a critical shortage of skilled workers while investors are hitting a brick wall when getting finance from banks. … Continue reading

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