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Temporary Immigration in Canada – A new Global Skills Strategy

The Canadian government recently launched its new Global Skills Strategy (Strategy) to promote global investment in Canada and facilitate faster entry into Canada for top international talent. Initially announced in November 2016, this Strategy was developed after collaboration between various ministries to give Canadian employers a faster and more predictable process to attract global talent … Continue reading

Canada – 21% of recent temporary foreign workers gained permanent residence within five years

The number of temporary foreign workers in Canada increased considerably from the early 1990s. Temporary foreign workers over this period also became an increasingly important source of permanent residents admitted to Canada. Using the Temporary Residents file and the Immigrant Landing File, this article documents the changes in the levels and types of new temporary … Continue reading

Immigrants who had prior Canadian skilled work experience had a very large initial earnings advantage study finds

Although most Canadian temporary foreign worker programs did not include provisions that allow participants to apply for permanent residency until recently, a substantial number of temporary foreign workers have become landed immigrants since the 1980s. For instance, from 2008 to 2012, about 32,000 temporary foreign workers gained permanent residency each year, accounting for 13% of … Continue reading

Short-Term International Migration in UK – 53,000 international visits were made to England and Wales for 3 to 12 months for employment

This section explores patterns of short-term international migration for 3 to 12 months for employment (including those looking for a job). There are 2 definitions of “employment” to consider: employment as defined by the UN (henceforth referred to as “employment”) refers to the UN definition of employment, which includes migrants going to a definite new job, … Continue reading

Temporary Workers in Switzerland – Better qualified and earning more

Temporary workers in Switzerland are now significantly better qualified and paid compared with four years, according to Swiss Staffing, the Swiss Federation of Staffing Companies. The survey, conducted by private research institution gfs-Zurich on behalf of Swiss Staffing, interviewed 1,000 people who had worked in a temporary capacity over the past year. The study was … Continue reading

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada – No inspection has been done

Not one Canadian employer of temporary foreign workers has been inspected to date despite a Conservative government promise to do so during last year’s initial overhaul of the controversial program.  Now, with additional changes to the program to be announced Friday, questions are swirling around why Ottawa has been so slow to act on a … Continue reading

Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada – Eased hiring conditions have risen unemployment rates in Alberta and British Columbia says CD Howe

Since easier access to a large supply of foreign labour might generate undesirable incentives on the part of both employers and prospective workers, a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program requires careful design. Failure at any stage of the process – at time of hiring, during employment, or at the end of the contract – is … Continue reading

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