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Teachers Layoffs / By seniority ?

School boards are now working on their budgets, so more of these stories are likely to unfold over the coming months. The problem is that state law requires districts to use seniority as the sole factor in determining which teachers to lay off even though experience doesn’t always add up to greater effectiveness — as … Continue reading

Toronto / More than 200 high school teachers face layoffs

Hundreds of high school teachers could be laid off as the Toronto public board grapples with a $55-million deficit, according to a staffing report that also recommends cuts to secretaries and vice-principals. Last year, the Toronto District School Board axed 200 secondary teaching positions because of a drop in enrollment, and this year is recommending … Continue reading

Teachers / Jobs increasingly stressful

As a high-school teacher in the West Island, I read with great interest the Feb. 2 Gazette article by Janet Bagnall on why teachers are leaving the profession (“Study why teachers are leaving field: experts”). Having attained the benchmark of five years of teaching experience, I admit to occasionally contemplating leaving the field myself. Don’t … Continue reading

Australia / Seven out of eight teaching graduates have failed to secure a permanent job

SEVEN out of eight teaching graduates have failed to secure a permanent job with Queensland’s Education Department. As teachers get ready to go back to school, their union warns this year will be one of the worst to attain a job in state schools. Almost 16,000 teaching applicants are seeking employment with the Department of … Continue reading

Teachers Quit Their Jobs Because They Hate Their Bosses

What’s the reason so many new teachers quit the profession or move to a different school? The heavy workload? Low salary? A paucity of classroom resources? An absence of autonomy? The “always-on,” continually demanding nature of the work? None of the above. The main reason is their principals. To find out what factors influence novice … Continue reading

Manitoba / Hiring teachers to reduce class sizes

The Manitoba government says 79 new teachers have been hired by school divisions over the past year, as the province works to reduce classroom sizes. Hiring the 79 teachers, who are working in 31 school divisions, has resulted in 20 per cent fewer Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes that have 24 or more students, the … Continue reading

Teacher – There is no job that’s more exciting

I had a gap year before I went to university where I spent a year in China, just to travel and learn Chinese but I ended up teaching English to university students. I really enjoyed it – and that was the first time I’d thought about teaching. I’d gone just to experience being abroad, but … Continue reading

Teacher Layoffs – Could Lead to Shortage

Teacher layoffs may save the state money in the short term, but a report by the state Task Force for Educator Excellence  says over time that trend may be one of the things keeping people from wanting to stand in front of a classroom. California’s school kids have unzipped a whole new school year and third grader … Continue reading

India | Five realities of a teacher job

Here are five common misconceptions about teaching that students sometimes have: MYTH #1: Teaching is not a dignified profession MYTH # 2: Those who can’t do anything, teach MYTH #3: Teaching is very easy and doesn’t require much skill MYTH # 4: If you went to school, then you know how to teach MYTH #5: … Continue reading

School layoffs | Losing teachers in Orange County

Ten districts across Orange County have released the names of hundreds of teachers and other employees facing potential layoffs. Last month, districts announced they could cut more than 1,500 school jobs as part of an effort to slash up to $269 million from budgets, prompted by the state’s ongoing budget crisis. An Orange County education … Continue reading

Should bright pupils become hairdressers?

Should teachers dissuade their brightest pupils from becoming hairdressers? According to Ofsted, teachers sometimes “deride” pupils for opting to leave school and work as apprentices in beauty salons or hairdressers. Inspectors questioned 105 young people for a report on apprenticeships published on Wednesday. They found “several examples of bright young people who felt they had … Continue reading

Toronto | School Board cuts over 300 jobs

The Toronto District School Board has voted to eliminate 200 high school teaching jobs, 134 office staff and 17 elementary vice-principals. The cuts are meant to help the Board deal with a $85-million budget shortfall in 2012-13. There are reports that the board could face an additional $25 million on top of the $85 million … Continue reading

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