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Why Social Work is Important (Infographic)

The range of ailments and bad situations in which social workers help is astounding. With over 600,000 in the US today, there’s more need for even more social workers than ever.[1] What do they do? Support communities in need (including those dealing with…): Poverty Discrimination Abuse Addiction Physical illness Divorce Loss Unemployment Educational problems Disability … Continue reading

Welfare and Work in US / Caseworkers would spend far more time on paperwork than they actually spend assisting program participants find employment study finds

Over the past decade, politicians and the press alike have claimed that welfare reform works. Despite these claims, many researchers question the success of welfare reform. Since 1996, and until the recent recession, many welfare participants in the United States have found some type of employment after leaving welfare. It is not clear how much … Continue reading

We Are Social Workers in NY City

Leslie Rosenberg and Sheena Marquis are social workers living in New York City. 1. When and how did you decide you wanted to be social workers? Leslie: The short answer is that I was sitting on my best friend Molly’s bed sometime around early 2010, really lost and confused about what I wanted to do … Continue reading

US | Unemployment : 31.5 % among high school dropouts and 8.9 % for college graduates with Bachelor’s Degrees

Unemployment figures show the jobless rate for recent college graduates with Bachelor’s Degrees has been running at an unacceptable 8.9 percent. But, a new study from the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce finds that unemployment among job seekers with no better than a high school diploma is a catastrophic 22.9 percent – and an almost unthinkable … Continue reading

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