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Social Safety Net in US – It has not led disrupted local economies to recover

Our research indicates that recessions produce enduring economic disruptions to local economies, and this pattern has existed for at least the past five decades. Consequently, recessions likely play a role in the shift of economic activity across places over time; this, in turn, has implications for economic opportunity for people who grow up in areas … Continue reading

Canada – EI produces multi-billion-dollar surpluses, but only about a third of unemployed people can qualify

Even if you never use employment insurance, you pay into, he said. Someone who makes $60,000 a year, pays about $914 to EI. The program isn’t serving everyone it needs, but it constantly produces multi-billion-dollar surpluses. Why is it then, as Zon wondered, “contributing on paper to the federal budget balance” when “only about a … Continue reading

Social Safety Nets In In Developing Countries – A World Bank report

What Are Social Safety Nets? * Social safety nets are non-contributory transfers designed to provide regular and predictable support to targeted poor and vulnerable people. These are also referred to as “social assistance” or “social transfers.” Social safety nets are part of broader social protection systems that may also include measures such as contributory insurance … Continue reading

Unemployment Benefits Around The World

Losing your job is awful, but it’s less awful in some places than in others. Call it the real estate rule of unemployment — it’s all about location, location, location. But where’s the “best” (or least awful) place to lose your job? Israel. Unemployment is created equal but unemployment benefits are not. The chart below, from … Continue reading

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