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Skills Gap in Europe – Skill shortages and skill mismatch

Labour markets are currently in a phase of cyclical recovery and undergoing structural transformation due to globalisation, demographic trends, advancing digital technologies and automation and changes in labour market institutions. Against this background, businesses increasingly report that the limited availability of skills poses an impediment to corporate investment. Genuine skill constraints can negatively affect labour … Continue reading

Skills Gap in Europe – Shortages and mismatch are a major concerns

Skill shortages and skill mismatch are major concerns for policy-makers. With mass job destruction and sectoral restructuring following the recent economic crisis, four in 10 EU employers had difficulty finding people with the right skills, while unemployment rates peaked. Rapid digitalisation and technological skills obsolescence has also raised concerns about the extent to which the … Continue reading

Skill Mismatches in Europe – The prolonged economic downturn is threatening the long-term potential of the EU’s human resource

Cedefop’s first ESJ (12) survey reveals that skill mismatch affects most of the workforce, not only those looking for a job. The survey is the first to look at skill mismatch over time, taking account of changes to people’s skills and their job tasks. The findings caution that the prolonged economic downturn is threatening the … Continue reading

Skills Gap – Measuring Skill Mismatch

Skills are the new “global currency of 21st-century economies” and skill mismatch occurs when skills possessed by the workers exceed or do not meet the skills required at their workplace. It can lead to skill depreciation and slower adaptation to technological progress, from a macroeconomic perspective, and impacts workers’ earnings and job satisfaction, from a … Continue reading

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