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US – Workers have slowed their transitions between employers St. Louis Fed finds

Jobs in the U.S. labor market get turned over at a surprising frequency, with flows into/out of unemployment being almost four times faster than in Germany, despite similar unemployment rates.1 But when U.S. workers leave jobs, they are twice as likely to go directly into another one as become unemployed.2 These job-to-job transitions make up … Continue reading

Amazon – Unhappy workers: Take $5,000 and go

Quitters wanted: Unhappy with your job? Feeling unproductive? Take $5,000 and go.  At least, that’s what Amazon.com Inc. is offering its warehouse employees. In a letter to shareholders this week, Chief Executive Jeffrey Bezos outlined the details of a rare human resources strategy the online retail giant has launched. Dubbed Pay to Quit, the program … Continue reading

Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers

What employees are saying is that they want their managers to open up with them and better explain responsibilities and expectations Continue reading

Employees vs HR – Top 5 Reasons for Leaving

There are some definite areas that both HR and employees say are reasons people leave companies. And the reasons aren’t really shocking. We keep hearing about employee disengagement being at an all-time high. What conversations are companies having about these identified reasons for employees leaving? For some of the reasons, there’s quite a noticeable difference … Continue reading

Jobs – Offres d’emploi – US & Canada (Eng. & Fr.)

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