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UK – Mental health worsens as benefit cuts, unemployment and poor housing affect communities finds survey

 A survey of mental health social workers and professionals from a leading mental health charity has revealed a growing crisis in mental wellbeing as communities struggle with a combination of hardships including benefit changes, unemployment and poor housing. The survey, undertaken jointly between the mental health charity Mind and The College of Social Work reveals … Continue reading

Recruiting and Social Media / Extraverted candidates prone to postings related to alcohol and drugs and those low in agreeableness in online badmouthing

Results of a study indicate that extraverted candidates were prone to postings related to alcohol and drugs. Those low in agreeableness were particularly likely to engage in online badmouthing behaviors Continue reading

The psychology of poverty (Infographics)

Youth and the Great Recession / What’s Important In Life ?

Young people showed signs of being more interested in conserving resources and a bit more concerned about their fellow human beings Continue reading

Psychology / Job Layoffs

Redundancy — losing your job in a layoff — is difficult for most people. I’ve worked with many people who have been made redundant and struggled with the aftermath. On the whole, these individuals have been hard workers, intelligent, and loyal to their companies; when the hammer finally fell, they often went into an emotional … Continue reading

Psychology / Childhood ADHD reduces adult employment by 10-14 percentage points and earnings by a third study finds

“While several types of mental illness, including substance abuse disorders, have been linked with poor labor market outcomes, no current research has been able to examine the effects of childhood ADHD” writes Jason Fletcher in The Effects of Childhood ADHD on Adult Labor Market Outcomes. (Choosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor to follow) As ADHD has become … Continue reading

Psychology / The Toll and Fallout of High Unemployment

The job market continued to improve last year, but the pace of improvement was agonizingly slow. The unemployment rate edged down to 7.8%, a drop of 0.7% compared with the end of the previous year. Payroll employment grew 153,000 a month. Payroll gains in 2010, 2011, and 2012 have now offset a little more than … Continue reading

HR / Personality Assessments / Best Performed by Outsiders

Human resource departments often have people complete a self-administered personality profile as a method to match a person to job tasks or to assess job performance. A new study finds that businesses will get more accurate assessments of potential and current employees if they do away with these self-rated tests and find an outside observer … Continue reading

Job Search | How To Stay Positive

Looking for work can be extremely frustrating – especially in this economic climate. That’s why it’s more important than ever for job seekers to stay positive when looking for work. When your search feels futile and your hard work doesn’t cash in, you need something to help you keep going. But what can you do? … Continue reading

Psychology – 10 Techniques to Help Your During Interviews

Hiring decisions are made on more than just skills and experience. It’s also about gut feelings and instinctual reactions. All sorts of subtle psychological factors come into play; so here are ten techniques which can help you give the interviewer the feeling that you are the one. 1. Schmooze but don’t self-promote Schmoozing is good. … Continue reading

Long-term Unemployment Hard On Confidence

Janice Pratt came here in the 1980s for the booming local economy, but now the city’s unemployment rate is 9 percent. She hasn’t had steady work since 2008 when she lost her job with a tech company after a lengthy marketing career. Pratt fears the mere fact that she is unemployed is hurting her chances … Continue reading

Psychology – Being Unemployment

What is often buried in the monthly unemployment numbers provided each month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is an understanding of the psychologically traumatic experience of involuntary job loss and ongoing unemployment. I argue that this experience is critical to understand because it can inform how hiring managers, human resource professionals, and small business … Continue reading

Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the 21st Century

The United States today has approximately 39.9 million immigrants—the largest number in its history. As a nation of immigrants, the United States has successfully negotiated larger proportions of newcomers in its past and is far from alone among postindustrial countries in experiencing a growth in immigration in recent decades. Notably, nearly three quarters of the … Continue reading

The psychological dynamics of job-seeking | Ability to focus on goal resides within individuals

With a number of economic indicators providing hopeful news, a new study that probes the psychological dynamics of job-seeking offers an additional reason for encouragement for the unemployed. The new research in the current issue of The Academy of Management Journal provides a rare look at the ebb and flow of emotions among 177 jobless people over the … Continue reading

Emotional intelligence | Increasingly Valued by Employers

Emotional intelligence is essential for customer-facing roles and employers are increasingly seeking candidates who show such skills. This is particularly true for roles that will involve working in a team, which covers the majority of graduate jobs. Emotional intelligence is all about understanding what might be going through someone else’s head, without them having to … Continue reading

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