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Long-term unemployment has received insufficient attention during this presidential campaign – Becker and Posner

The most disturbing aspect of the high unemployment rate during the past 4 years has been, namely, the large number of the unemployed who have been out of work for at least 6 months. Last month 5 million men and women had been unemployed for at least 6 months, and they comprise about 40% of … Continue reading

A Progressive case against Obama

despite the heated tone of Obama defenses, not one person disputed the underlying factual basis of my argument: 1) Under Barack Obama, economic inequality in terms of income growth has skyrocketed to historically high levels. After I published my piece, Ian Welsh buttressed these claims, pointing me to this St. Louis Federal Reserve chart of the … Continue reading

US – Breaking out of a decade of income stagnation

The nation’s biggest challenge is in shadow: breaking out of a decade of income stagnation that has afflicted the middle class and the poor and exacerbated inequality. Many of the bedrock assumptions of American culture — about work, progress, fairness and optimism — are being shaken as successive generations worry about the prospect of declining … Continue reading

Presidential Election – Obama and Romney have scarcely mentioned the long-term unemployment problem

In the economy-focused presidential campaign, the two candidates and their teams have scarcely mentioned what economists describe as not just one of the labor market’s most pressing problems, but the entire country’s: long-term unemployment. Nearly five million Americans out of work for more than six months are left to wonder what kind of help might … Continue reading

US Presidential Election – Does unemployment matter ?

The economy may have become the single most important issue in modern-day politics. Since the day President Clinton uttered the words, “It’s the economy stupid,” the economy seems to have taken center stage as it pertains to election results. Moreover, for a variety of reasons, I’ve found an interesting dynamic emerging in recent years. Because … Continue reading

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