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Unemployment in OECD – 12.1 Million more than before the crisis and wages stagnate (video)

Unemployment will remain well above its pre-crisis levels next year in most OECD countries, despite modest declines over the rest of 2014 and in 2015, according to a new OECD report. The Employment Outlook 2014 says that average jobless rates will decrease slightly over the next 18 months in the OECD area, from 7.4% in mid-2014 … Continue reading

Germany should take steps “to heal the split in the labour market” says OECD

Germany’s current economic success offers a good platform for achieving sustainable and inclusive growth, but further reforms will be necessary over the medium and long term, according to the latest OECD Economic Survey of Germany. Among the priorities are making the tax system more socially just and environment-friendly, strengthening the financial sector, so that it … Continue reading

Unemployment Rate in OECD – Stable at 7.6% in January 2014

 The OECD unemployment rate was stable at 7.6% in January 2014. Across the OECD area, 46.2 million persons were unemployed, 3.8 million less than the peak in April 2010, but 11.5 million more than in July 2008. via Employment – OECD. Related articles Eurozone jobless rate Gap widening says OECD average European Union – 5.556 … Continue reading

OECD / Europe’s youth is explosive issue, not deflation

“The problem is jobs, jobs, jobs,” Gurria said in an interview with Bloomberg Television from Davos, Switzerland Continue reading

US Unemployment Rate / What if those who have left the labor force since the start of the Great Recession are counted ?

3.5% of the working-age population has left the labor force since the start of the Great Recession. Should those people be also counted as unemployed? If so, here is what the unemployment rate trend would look like Continue reading

Spain / Do more labour market reforms OECD urges

Spain could further cut severance pay and better match training programmes to business needs among new steps to reduce Europe’s second-highest jobless rate, the OECD organization of wealthy countries said in a report on Wednesday. The report by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development praised Spain, which is just emerging from a prolonged economic … Continue reading

OECD / How’s life? The Better Life Index gives answers

  There is more to life than the cold numbers of GDP and economic statistics – This Index allows you to compare well-being across countries, based on 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life. For over fifty years, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation … Continue reading

OECD / Employment rate still 1.4 percentage points below pre-crisis level

The OECD area employment rate – defined as the share of people of working-age who are employed – was 65.1% in the second quarter of 2013, 0.1 percentage point higher than in the previous quarter Continue reading

OECD / Skills: the ranking

Some countries have made significant progress in improving skills proficiency Older Koreans have low skills while younger ones are top performers. The Survey of Adult Skills results show how effective countries have been in developing literacy skills through successive generations. The gains made in some countries illustrate the pace of progress that is achievable. For … Continue reading

OECD / How Inequality in skills is associated with inequality in income

How literacy skills are distributed across a population also has significant implications on how economic and social outcomes are distributed within the society. The Survey of Adult Skills shows that higher levels of inequality in literacy and numeracy skills are associated with greater inequality in the distribution of income, whatever the causal nature of this … Continue reading

OECD / The number of tertiary educated immigrants in the OECD increased by 70% in the past to 27 million

The number of tertiary educated immigrants in the OECD increased by 70% in the past decade to reach 27 million in 2010/11. About 30% of all migrants in the OECD area were highly educated and one-fifth of them were originating from India, China or the Philippines. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story … Continue reading

OECD / Endorsement of the Action Plan for Youth

OECD governments have committed to stepping up their efforts to tackle high youth unemployment and strengthen their education systems to better prepare young people for the world of work. Endorsing the OECD’s Action Plan for Youth at the Organisation’s annual Ministerial Meeting in Paris, ministers underlined the need to focus attention on the most disadvantaged … Continue reading

Child poverty has risen in 16 OECD countries since 2007

Income inequality increased by more in the first three years of the crisis to the end of 2010 than it had in the previous twelve years, before factoring in the effect of taxes and transfers on income, according to new OECD data. The analysis says that the welfare state has cushioned the blow for many … Continue reading

International migration / Labour migration decreased in 2010 finds OECD

‌‌International Migration Outlook, OECD flagship publication on migration provides an analysis of recent developments in migration movements and policies in OECD countries and two analytical chapters, covering the role of migration in renewing the skills of ageing workforces and the role of Asia in international migration. Key Points Migration flows to the OECD Overall permanent migration inflows into 23 … Continue reading

Canada / Among the world’s leaders in immigrant integration

A major international study ranks Canada among the world’s leaders in immigrant integration, but there are signs that advantage is on the wane. Canada sits near the top of most categories in the study, which measures integration of immigrants in the 34 wealthy countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The report will … Continue reading

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