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UK / Unemployment rate slips to four-and-a-half year low of 7.4%

Britain’s unemployment rate has slipped to a four-and-a-half year low of 7.4%, edging closer to the “threshold” at which the Bank of England has said it will consider raising interest rates. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said on Wednesday that unemployment in the three months to October was 2.39 million, or 7.4% of the … Continue reading

UK / Almost half of graduates work in non-graduate jobs, says ONS

Almost half of graduates in the UK are working in non-graduate roles, a report published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has found. Continue reading

NEETs in UK / 1.07million, a drop of 19,000 says ONS

There were 1.07 million young people (aged from 16 to 24) in the UK who were Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), down 19,000 from April to June 2013 and down 28,000 from a year earlier Continue reading

UK / Jobless rate falls to three-year low

The unemployment rate fell to 7.6%, the lowest rate in more than three years. Continue reading

UK Gender Life Expectancy Gap / Narrows to less than four years

Babies born from 2010 to 2012 can now expect to live to 79 if they are boys and 82.8 if they are girls Continue reading

UK / Jobless claims drop by most since 1997, youth unemployment rate at 21%

U.K. jobless claims fell the most in 16 years last month as a wider measure of unemployment remained at 7.7 percent amid signs that the labor market is improving. Claims for unemployment benefit fell 41,700, the most since June 1997, the Office for National Statistics said in London today. The decline exceeded the 25,000 median … Continue reading

UK / Personal Well-being improves finds ONS

According to the latest findings from the ONS Annual Population Survey, there were small improvements in personal well-being in the UK between 2011/12 and 2012/13. Continue reading

UK / Double-dip recession could have been a ‘statistical error’

Office for National Statistics says that the trend in economic output was ‘best described as flat’ Real GDP in UK recessions. Source: ONS The Office for National Statistics has paved the way for erasing Britain’s double-dip recession from the history books, arguing in an article on Wednesday that the state of the economy since autumn … Continue reading

UK / Underemployment missed in headline figures

Headline figures miss important groups, such as the part-time workers who want to go full-time but can’t, or the freelancers and self-employed who are barely attracting enough work or customers to get by. Neither of these groups are out of work; but nor are they fully employed. And while they are included in some totting … Continue reading

UK / Unemployment rises to 2.56 million

UK unemployment rose by 70,000 to 2.56 million between December and February, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said. It pushed the unemployment rate to 7.9%, raising further questions about the UK’s economic strength. The number of people in employment also fell, while earnings growth slowed considerably, according to ONS data. But there was … Continue reading

UK / Self-Employment, the fastest growing sector since the Financial Crisis

The number of self-employed people in Britain has shot up by 367,000 since the financial crisis, according to official figures, becoming the fastest growing sector in the labour market and masking a fall in the number of employees, as many were forced to make their own way because of the global downturn. In recent months, … Continue reading

Update – UK – Employment has not been higher. How?

Tony Dolphin: If the UK is in Recession, How Come Employment is Increasing So Rapidly? The latest employment figures, published today, do little to resolve the conundrum over the UK’s unusual combination of strong employment growth and no economic growth. Over the last year, real GDP has fallen by 0.5%, while employment has increased by … Continue reading

UK – Employment has not been higher since records began in 1971 and unemployment falls to 2.53 million

The number of people out of work fell by 50,000 to 2.53 million in the three months to August, according to the Office for National Statistics ONS.Employment reached a record high of almost 30 million, while the unemployment rate fell to 7.9%. The ONS also said the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance fell by … Continue reading

UK – Slowdown in public sector job cuts

Number of civil servants declined by 5,000 in quarter, and number of health workers is higher than three years ago Government plans to cut the public sector payroll appear to be faltering, as official figures revealed a sharp slowdown in job cuts across Whitehall and local government over the summer. The number of civil servants … Continue reading

UK – The number of unemployed people increased by 978,000 since pre-recession peak, not counting the discouraged

UK Labour Market Statistics, September 2012 The employment rate for those aged from 16 to 64 was 71.2 per cent, up 0.5 on the quarter. There were 29.56 million people in employment aged 16 and over, up 236,000 on the quarter. The unemployment rate was 8.1 per cent of the economically active population, down 0.1 … Continue reading

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