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COVID and Jobs in Norway – Unemployment soars to record 14.7% of work force

Norway’s rate of unemployment rose sixfold in March to 14.7%, the Labour and Welfare Agency (NAV) said on Friday, the highest level on record as the economy ground to a halt amid efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic. As many as 10.7% were fully unemployed, while the remaining 3% were registered as partially unemployed, NAV … Continue reading

Apprenticeships in Norway – Schemes that can improve the chances of completing VET

Many countries with apprenticeship-based systems of VET face a shortage of apprenticeships. Some countries, including Denmark and Norway, address this supply-demand mismatch by offering alternative school-based routes to vocational qualifications for students not able to secure an apprenticeship. Other countries offer no alternative routes, but focus instead on pre-vocational education and training to prepare students … Continue reading

Refugees in Northern Europe – Chances of finding work increase with each year of residence but plateau at a rate significantly below

Since the late 1970s, wealthy Northern European countries have been popular destinations for both humanitarian and labor migrants. The EU accession of formerly communist Eastern European countries in the early 2000s led to a substantial increase in labor migration toward Northern Europe. Overall, these migrants have found it reasonably easy to find work and are … Continue reading

VET in Norway – Half choose between eight VET programmes

In Norway, all young people completing compulsory school have a statutory right to three years of upper secondary education. Half of them choose between eight VET programmes. At upper secondary level, Norway has a long-standing tradition of national and regional cooperation between educational authorities and the social partners. At national level, cooperation is organised in … Continue reading

Vocational education and training has been neglected OECD says

“Vocational education and training has been neglected. If “strong vocational programmes increase competitiveness”, “many programmes fail to meet labour market needs” writes the OECD in LEARNING FOR JOBS: SUMMARY AND POLICY MESSAGES. The OCDE review “aims to bridge the gap between learning and jobs, by exploring how to make initial vocational education and training for … Continue reading

Svalbard, Norway – Unemployment is illegal

As governor of Norway’s northernmost territory, Odd Olsen Ingero commands a police force with just six officers and a single detention cell for an area twice the size of New Jersey. Even that is overkill: Nobody has been locked up here in the capital of Svalbard since last summer. And that was for just two … Continue reading

Skills Gap in Norway – And the the most difficult to find are …

Skilled labour now tops the list of the most difficult to fill jobs in Norway, according to recruitment firm ManpowerGroup. The greatest difficulty is sourcing candidates with a vocational education. Those most in demand are: Skilled Labourers Education Professionals Engineers Sales Executives Project Managers Doctors & Medical Professionals not including Nursing Staff Accounting & Finance … Continue reading

The Nordic Countries / Statistics on integration

Nordic Pocket Facts is the result of cooperation between the Nordic countries that began in 2011. It provides a picture of the similarities and differences of labour market integration in the Nordic countries. It also provides a tool for detecting, revealing and preventing barriers to integration such as discrimination Continue reading

Young Swedes stream to jobs in Norway

Fully 20 percent of all young workers in Oslo are currently Swedish, according to fresh figures from the independent social economic research foundation Frischsenteret Continue reading

Norway / Becoming a winner in the race for skilled workers

With an economy stoked by oil riches, Norway is becoming a winner in the race for skilled workers as Europe suffers record unemployment. Euro-area joblessness was 12.1 percent in July and 16.4 percent are out of work in Portugal, which was forced to seek a bailout in 2011. Unemployment in Norway, western Europe’s biggest oil … Continue reading

Norway | Oil and oil-service companies ‘racist’ ?

A leading Norwegian headhunter who recruits engineers and other skilled workers for Norwegian oil and oil-service companies says he’s encountered a “shocking” degree of what he calls blatant “racism” among prospective Norwegian employers. Even those in dire need of engineers and other specialists routinely turn down top foreign job candidates. They want Norwegians instead. A … Continue reading

Norway – Jobless rate still high for immigrants

Norway’s strong oil-fueled economy has kept the country’s unemployment rate low for years, but it’s still high for immigrants, especially those from Africa, South America and parts of Asia. The opposition Conservative Party thinks employment rules should be eased to allow for more temporary work contracts, to help immigrants get a foot in the door. … Continue reading

OECD | Vocational Education and Training : Strengths, Challenges and Recommendation: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, China , Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (South Carolina and Texas)

The OECD publishes a series of summary sheets on education and training (VET) in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile (also in Spanish), China (also in Chinese) , Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (South Carolina and Texas). Each of them deals with strengths, challenges and advances recommendations. Australia … Continue reading

Ingves Says Swedish Home Prices May Drop Further as Growth Slows – Businessweek

Swedish house prices may drop further as the largest Nordic economy risks falling into a recession, according to Riksbank Governor Stefan Ingves. “It’s not unreasonable to assume that house prices may fall a bit, or at least park at today’s level,” Ingves said yesterday in an interview in Stockholm. “The pace of lending is significantly … Continue reading

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