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New York City – Job growth has been concentrated at the higher and lower ends of the skills distribution

New York City remains on strong growth trajectory, some weakness in Northern NJ to start the year, and signs of firming in Puerto Rico. A growing number of places in the region have gained back the jobs lost during the Great Recession. Types of Jobs Lost and Gained Middle-skill jobs were hardest hit during the recession and havenot come back. During the recovery, job growth has been concentrated at the higher … Continue reading

New York City / The undervalued retail worker

A 2011 study of 436 New York City retail workers commissioned by the Retail Action Project, a workers’ advocacy group, found that one-third of the workers surveyed, their average age 24, are supporting a family member on their paltry wages Continue reading

US / The unemployment problem: bigger than NYC and LA combined – Economy

12 million unemployed The job market has been healing for more than three years now, but the jobs crisis is still truly a crisis. The staggering statistics get repeated so often they can become numbingly abstract. About 12 million Americans still remain unemployed, but who can wrap their head around that number? Try wiping both … Continue reading

New York City Suburb / The Highest Concentration of High-Income Households

The Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn., metropolitan area, near New York City, had the highest percentage of households with high income in the nation at 17.9 percent, according to a report released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. At the other end of the spectrum are two metro areas named Danville — in Virginia and Illinois — each … Continue reading

Long-Term Unemployed – Hard Times: Lost on Long Island

Starting in summer 2010, when many hoped an era of recovery would begin, and continuing through the holiday season six months later, HARD TIMES: LOST ON LONG ISLAND spotlights the challenges facing highly skilled, well-educated Long Islanders who lost their jobs. Public relations professional Anne Strauss notes, “Being unemployed for two years is not just … Continue reading

UPDATE – Wall Street cuts jobs | 459,400 jobs in four years

U.S. financial sector loses 459,400 jobs in four years – The Business Journals The recession may officially be over, but its effects are lingering in the financial sector. The nation’s 100 biggest metropolitan areas lost a collective total of 459,400 financial-activities jobs during the past four years, according to an On Numbers analysis. The U.S. … Continue reading

The best cities for job hunting – Ask Annie – Fortune Management

Because they include calculations of the number of help-wanted listings relative to population, the rankings give an idea of how hard (or easy) it is to find a management job in each place. According to the January 2012 report, the top 10 metro areas for job-hunting managers are: 1) Washington, D.C. 2) Boston 3) San … Continue reading

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