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Presidential Election – Obama and Romney have scarcely mentioned the long-term unemployment problem

In the economy-focused presidential campaign, the two candidates and their teams have scarcely mentioned what economists describe as not just one of the labor market’s most pressing problems, but the entire country’s: long-term unemployment. Nearly five million Americans out of work for more than six months are left to wonder what kind of help might … Continue reading

US Presidential Election – Does unemployment matter ?

The economy may have become the single most important issue in modern-day politics. Since the day President Clinton uttered the words, “It’s the economy stupid,” the economy seems to have taken center stage as it pertains to election results. Moreover, for a variety of reasons, I’ve found an interesting dynamic emerging in recent years. Because … Continue reading

Participation Historical Paterns: The unemployment rate today would be 9.3%

Some people — notably Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney — have argued that to get the “real” unemployment rate, we should add back all the people who have left the labor force and consider them unemployed. Doing that gives an unemployment rate of around 11%, depending on what month you choose for a baseline. But … Continue reading

Obama vs Romney : Are the unemployed backing GOP ?

One of the most dominant theories of this year’s presidential election is that President Barack Obama’s re-election prospects have been undermined by high unemployment levels. Yet despite a dismal labor market, which saw a net increase of only 103,000 private-sector jobs for August, the president has been widening his lead over Mitt Romney in recent … Continue reading

Is the US job market weak? It’s all about how you slice the data.

Is the U.S. job market dismal as Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says? Or is it steadily improving as President Barack Obama contends? Not to dodge the question or anything, but both men are correct. It’s all about how you slice the data. Romney and his Republican allies like to point to the unemployment rate. … Continue reading

Paul Ryan – 12 million new jobs over the next four years

Entering the Republican National Convention to ebullient cheers, Rep. Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin congressman, hammered Obama for failing to create enough jobs, chastised the current administration for focusing on health care at the expense of the unemployed. “Right now, 23 million men and women are struggling to find work… Nearly one in six Americans is … Continue reading

Voters Want Plans for U.S. Jobs

 Americans see Jobs as Top Priority for US Next President according to Gallup’s Survey. Voters Want Plans for U.S. Jobs  Bloomberg says. Tarsha Darden, a 34-year-old family doctor who lives in Virginia Beach, volunteered for President Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. Now she doesn’t even know whether she’ll vote for him. “Normally I’m not a political person but I … Continue reading

Office of Management and Budget says high unemployment rates will last

The numbers that have the White House projecting an unemployment rate dipping below 8 percent before November still show the economy struggling to recover until well after the next presidential election, with rates not expected to stabilize to pre-recession levels until after the second term President Obama is hoping to win. Republicans quickly leapt on … Continue reading

US Next President – Americans see Jobs as Top Priority

Creating good jobs, is the top priority for the Next President according to Gallup’s Survey. via Americans Want Next President to Prioritize Jobs, Corruption. Related articles President Obama on the Economy vs Golf US – A Very Bad Recovery – Worse Ever ? Obama Jobs Council – A Lot of Outsourcers US – 83% Negatively … Continue reading

Bain Capital – Layoffs – A ‘Demoralizing’ Culture

When Dade Behring started cutting employees under Bain Capital’s management in the late ’90s, Cindy Hewitt was on the front lines. As a human resources manager for the Dade East plant in Miami, Hewitt had to decide which employees had needed skills and whose jobs were expendable. News of the latest layoffs trickled down to … Continue reading

Neither Obama nor Romney Will Jump Start Jobs Growth

Last week’s weak unemployment report was bad news. But here’s an even more sobering piece of news. Even with jobs playing a central role in the campaign, neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney is going to turn things around anytime soon. Here’s the problem, in a nutshell: Obama has a plan for job creation but … Continue reading

In The News | Cloud computing, Romney’s Bain Record, Layoffs, African Youth, College Grad, Older Workers, and Much More

Cloud computing: 14 million jobs by 2015? – I’m not Convinced Cloud computing is about efficiency. Cloud computing is about replacing thousands of underutilized server rooms and IT departments with shared facilities with higher utilization r… JobMarketMon Romney’s Bain Record on Job Creation Attacked – Businessweek – President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign attacked Mitt Romney’s … Continue reading

The Big Waste according to Krugman

In Spain, the unemployment rate among workers under 25 is more than 50 percent. In Ireland almost a third of the young are unemployed. Here in America, youth unemployment is “only” 16.5 percent, which is still terrible – but things could be worse. And sure enough, many politicians are doing all they can to guarantee … Continue reading

Top Republicans Say America ‘May Never Recover’ from President Obama

America’s top two Republican leaders fired blistering broadsides Tuesday at President Barack Obama, saying that the president had made the economy and the future worse and that the United States “may never recover.” House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) laid down the starkest warning, telling Fox News, “America can’t live for four more years with Barack … Continue reading

Geithner | Romney words on women job losses are ‘ridiculous’

Top Obama administration aides pushed back Sunday against a charge by Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney that women have suffered the brunt of the weak economy during the president’s tenure. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner called Romney’s claim that women have accounted for 92% of the jobs lost since Obama took office “ridiculous and very … Continue reading

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