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The MBA Job Market in US – On-campus recruiting is up

74% of respondents experienced increased on-campus recruiting this year compared to the same time last year; 11% experienced a decrease. The strongest increase in recruiting activity was seen in the Consulting industry. MBA CSEA surveys our school members twice per year to gauge the status of MBA recruiting at their schools compared to the previous … Continue reading

MBA Jobs in US – A 30% increase in hiring since the height of the financial crisis in 2009

What financial crisis? Leading MBA employers plan to hire more MBA graduates this year, according to a new recruiter survey from the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC).  In a further sign of a return to economic prosperity, 80% of business school recruiters plan to hire MBAs this year, according to GMAC. The new data shows … Continue reading

India – One in four business graduates get jobs in US

About one in four business school graduates in India find jobs in America, second only to China, which sends 38 per cent of its alumni to the US, according to a new survey.  While 64 per cent of Indian business graduates stay in their home country, 23 per cent go the US and two per … Continue reading

Gender Gap in Canada / Wider for women MBAs study shows

Canadian women with MBAs earn less than their male counterparts in their first year on the job, a study shows Continue reading

MBAs in US / The Job Market to get a lot worse i

If you’re graduating from business school this spring, you might want to be sitting down for this: the job market for recent MBA graduates looks poised to get a lot worse in 2014 Continue reading

MBA / US vs Europe on jobs and pay

It’s a good time to be an MBA from an American business school. Some 95 percent of the Class of 2013 is working full-time, according to the latest data from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The situation isn’t as good across the Atlantic. Europe’s lagging economy means the job market is tighter: Eighty-two percent … Continue reading

US / MBA / Hard Times and Smaller Paycheck

Like many students, Steve Vonderweidt hoped that a master’s degree in business administration would open doors to a new job with a higher paycheck. Soaring tuition costs, a weak labor market and a glut of recent graduates are upending the notion that M.B.A.s and other professional degrees are a sure ticket to financial success. WSJ’s … Continue reading

Harvard – MIT produce most ’employable’ graduates

Harvard topped the chart of universities around the world that were ranked based on the “employability” of their graduates. MIT ranked seventh worldwide, while Boston University ranked 17th. The chart, entitled “What the job market wants,” was published today by the New York Times, which said an online survey was compiled by Emerging, a human … Continue reading

India – Business Scholls: Apart from the top, most are struggling to survive

“Apart from the top few, most business schools are struggling to survive.” writes Kalpana Pathak in Out of business on “The scary truth of business education, which not so long ago was a passport to a cushy corporate job, is finally out — there just aren’t enough takers. There are, at last count, over … Continue reading

India – Employability of MBA graduates at dismal low

Employability of MBA graduates across specialisations is at a dismal low, says the National Employability Report MBA Graduates, Annual Report 2012 by Aspiring Minds. While employability is below 10% for functional role in the field of HR, marketing or finance, in business consulting roles, it is as low as 2.5%. The study also revealed that … Continue reading

India – MBA – Only one fifth employable

According to a nationwide study of marks secured by 2,264 management graduates, while MBA seats have increased by 30 per cent since 2007, recruiting companies found only that only 21 per cent business school graduates were employable. A similar previous study in 2007 placed employability index at 25 per cent. The study was carried out … Continue reading

India – B-schools must focus on building relevant industry skills as part of curriculum

Q: The Indian MBA education is going through a crisis where many B-schools are facing challenges on admission and placement. What are your observations on the state of MBA environment in the country? A by T K Srirang: The Indian economy is poised for a long period of high growth and offers diverse opportunities. This … Continue reading

India | MBA degree and employability

  During current times wherein B-school education is undergoing a tremendous change in India, over 3,50,000 AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education ) approved MBA seats have mushroomed in India alone. While some may perceive it as a positive move, the reality is, the quality of education offered at a major chunk of these … Continue reading

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