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France – Employees in low-skilled jobs submit significantly fewer applications for training

Although employees in low-skilled jobs are as likely as any others to express an interest in receiving training, they actually submit significantly fewer applications for training. How can this gap be explained? While a wish to receive training goes hand in hand with employees’ perception of their career prospects, in conjunction with their aspirations, the … Continue reading

US – Employability makes unemployment to trickles down to lower-skilled workers research finds

Unemployment “trickles down” to America’s poorest and most vulnerable because, during recessions, higher-income workers with more education take jobs that are below their qualification level, according to new research. Such underemployment, in turn, leaves fewer job openings for which the so-called lower-skilled workers are qualified. “Some high-skill workers move down the occupational ladder in order … Continue reading

Europe – Lower skilled workers face increasing difficulties to find a job

Low-skilled workers encounter increasing difficulties to find a job, face lower job stability and are out-competed by medium-skilled workers even in elementary occupations. In contrast, job opportunities are growing in some high-skilled professions. These are the main findings of the European Vacancy and Recruitment Report 2014 published today. The report also highlights the increase in … Continue reading

UK / Thousands of low-skilled food manufacturing jobs are likely to go unfilled

Thousands of low-skilled food manufacturing jobs are likely to go unfilled as the industry focuses on filling high-skilled jobs vacancies, the industry has warned. There is a large demand for workers with basic skills in UK food manufacturing, despite the large number of graduates seeking jobs. Although the sector faces a skills shortage, most people … Continue reading

Netherlands / Unskilled worst hit by unemployment

The rise in unemployment between 2008 and 2012 has hit the low-skilled much harder than people with college or university degrees, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday. In 2012, 8.8% of people with no or little further education were without work, up from 5.3% in 2008. But just 4.1% of people with a … Continue reading

Tempering the mobility-dampening effects of safety net policies with lump-sum unemployment payments

There is no reason to believe that the culture of the low-skilled native-born population is an insuperable obstacle to geographical mobility Continue reading

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