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Labour Shortages in Canada – Labour markets haven’t been this tight in decades

In nearly every Canadian industry and across every sector, a historic labour shortage is hitting companies hard. As of June 2022, businesses posted almost 70% more job openings in Canada than pre-pandemic. But these firms were competing for 13% fewer unemployed workers than were available in February 2020. The impact is severe: more than half … Continue reading

Labour Shortages and Immigration in UK – Too often attitudes seem decided by whether someone is generally for or against immigration

Can the shortages of workers reported by the UK’s food and drink sector be solved by making it easier to hire migrants? How will wages in these sectors change? And is there a conflict between short- and long-term fixes? Alan Manning sets out the trade-offs involved in answering these questions. There are pros and cons … Continue reading

Post-Pandemic Labour Shortages in Canada – Increase in voluntary job turnover will exacerbate them

As shortages grow, so will the urgency for Canada to turn to new and under-utilized sources of labour force growth, including immigration, women, and visible minorities. However, these will not provide much relief in the short-run. While the government has lifted the number of new permanent residents to pre-pandemic levels, most of this only reflects a change of … Continue reading

Labour Shortages in Healthcare in Canada – Some recommendations

This report evaluates factors contributing to healthcare labour shortages and investigates the inter-relationships between access to health services, the number of healthcare providers, compensation rates and migration patterns. Recommendations include a critical and strategic examination of fee schedules for physician services, with the goal of reducing the average cost per service but strategically increasing remuneration … Continue reading

Wage Increases and Labour Shortages in Sweden – How companies manage labour shortages

Nominal wage increases in Sweden have been unusually low in recent years, despite a strong outcome for the Swedish labour market. Several indicators point to demand for labour having exceeded supply, which according to the textbook should have led to higher wage growth. In this Commentary I show how survey- based indicators can have exaggerated … Continue reading

Canada – Shifts to onshoring and no shortage of workers in Canada reports KPMG

For the past eight years, manufacturers in Canada have been fighting an uphill battle. From the downturn of the US economy and the rising Canadian dollar, to skilled labour challenges and off-shoring trends – manufacturing here has faced tough headwinds. Today, times are finally moving in a direction that helps rather than hinders manufacturers, according … Continue reading

Skills Gap in Canada – How the myth was shattered

It took nine months of detective work by economists, journalists, social media sleuths and investigators at the Parliamentary Budget Office to solve the mystery of Canada’s missing job vacancies.  Last week auditor general Mike Ferguson made it official: the federal government was using unreliable statistics to support its claim that Canada had plenty of jobs … Continue reading

Canada / The myth of the skills shortage

Canada’s federal politicians are fond of trumpeting that Canada’s economy has performed better than almost any other jurisdiction, and that we should be thankful for their “prudent economic management.” In actual fact, however, the hard numbers indicate that Canada’s jobs performance has been ho-hum at best — and isn’t getting any better. Part of the … Continue reading

Canada / No shortage of workers, invest in training say studies

Two major recent studies provide excellent overviews of recent developments in the Canadian job market, and an informed framework for thinking about our future skills needs writes The Globe and Mail Continue reading

Canada / Encourage Americans to head north and fill skilled positions says Conference Board

That’s the recommendation of a new that makes some interesting points while coming to what some may consider a controversial conclusion Continue reading

Saskatchewan / Shortage of skilled tradespeople

Although Saskatchewan is well on its way into another year of the recent economic boom, there are many labour challenges that remain constant Continue reading

Canada / Temporary foreign workers, a permanent solution?

The permanent solution? Temporary foreign workers. Currently, more than 330,000 workers live and work in Canada as part of the federal temporary foreign worker program – a number that has nearly tripled over the last 10 years, with the bulk of those job-seekers going west in search of work Continue reading

UK / Tech City Startups / Skilled Manpower Shortage Is The Biggest Challenge

More than 40% of Tech City companies say a shortage of skilled workers is the biggest challenge they face, with three quarters blaming the employee shortfall for restricting growth. Research firm GFK interviewed 141 founders, chief executives, managing directors and chief operating officers of Tech City-based companies during March and April this year and also … Continue reading

Ontario / People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People

Rick Miner, Ph.D.  produced the report People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People in February 2010. Job Market Monitor chooses to present some excerpts given its relevancy in the debate about the extend of the Skills Gap in Canada. -*- While much of the world is understandably focused on the current recession, there is a looming demographic and labour … Continue reading

US / Tech Talent Shortage: A Myth ?

So it turns out the United States is not, in fact, the educational wasteland tech industry lobbyists would have you think. Companies like Microsoft often claim that America is suffering from an economically hobbling shortage of science, math, and computer talent. The solution, they argue, is to let employers fill their hiring gaps by importing tens of … Continue reading

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