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Labour Market Information (LMI) – Guiding educational and occupational choices

Governments recognise that careers guidance, underpinned by accurate labour market information, can help learners make post-secondary education choices that match their interests, aptitudes and abilities, and lead to rewarding employment. For this reason, they have invested in building linked education/employment information systems and other information resources which are displayed on websites targeted to learners and … Continue reading

Labour Market Information (LMI) in Canada – Results more important when participants are assisted by a counsellor

According to a large meta-analysis, labour market information (LMI) is a critical ingredient in achieving career goals of individuals. This study aims to assess the effect of LMI use, with and without the help of a counsellor, taking into account the possible presence of differential effects according to client consultation needs (career choice or job … Continue reading

LMI in Canada – Job market information lacks insights about the future

Building a career is an ongoing process. During that process, we continuously navigate options and make choices, ideally while using relevant labour market information (LMI) that can answer our questions and address our concerns. Therefore, we wanted to know about the persistent challenges Canadians face when they go looking for information to support their career- … Continue reading

Labour Market Information In Canada – The Council Strategic Plan

In recent years, federal, provincial and territorial governments, Statistics Canada and provincial and territorial statistical agencies and departments have heeded the call for more and better labour market information. Important strides have been made in the collection, analysis and distribution of a range of information to support Canadians. New surveys and programs have been introduced … Continue reading

Canadian Alliance of Student Associations – Improved labour market indicators for youth and student employment

Increasingly, Canadian students are facing difficult decisions regarding their career paths and finding gainful employment after graduation. Proper data is needed for students to make informed career decisions, and it is also essential to facilitate evidence-based employment policy at all levels of government. Despite the difficulties youth and students have continued to face in securing … Continue reading

Canada has no shortage of labour market information, but …

Canada has no shortage of labour market information. However, the data is fragmented, often hard to access and has many gaps, such as developments in the workplace, the balance of labour demand and supply in local markets, and the longer-term experience of college and university graduates in the labour market, to name just a few. … Continue reading

Labour Market Information (LMI) – Working at sectoral level

There are many different ways to assess the scale and nature of changing skills demand. Skills supply also has several facets. Analysis of skills demand and supply and possible mismatches can take many different forms. A sectoral approach to such matters is de ned as one which looks at changing skills needs from the perspective … Continue reading

Labour Market Information (LMI) – A Guide to reduce the risks of skills mismatch

Every day people, companies and institutions in the labour market are making choices. What education should I or my child take? Is there a quali ed workforce available in the region where our company is considering a new business? Do we need a better educated workforce to attract foreign investments? Is there a need to … Continue reading

Labour market information (LMI) – It should be properly integrated into a guidance or career learning process

Labour market information (LMI) should be properly integrated into a guidance or career learning process that promotes the development of reflexive career identities and autonomous exploration of career information. LMI is not a stand-alone tool for the citizen but requires integration in learning processes which enable citizens to use it to identify career and learning … Continue reading

Canada – Nobody has stepped forward to drive a national program for better labour market information says Don Drummond

Canada has poor labour market information and as a result we do not have answers to simple questions that affect Canadians’ livelihoods. Employers complain they cannot find enough skilled workers, yet the Canadian unemployment rate is far from its lowest level. Does Canada not have enough workers or are they in the wrong places with … Continue reading

Canada – The job recovery is overstated says a Bank of Canada’s study

The Bank of Canada says the country’s job-creation record since the recession is likely a little less impressive than the fall in the unemployment rate would suggest. The central bank says in a new research paper that the unemployment rate, although the most quoted measure of labour market health, has overestimated the jobs recovery in … Continue reading

Canada – Better Labour Market Information are needed says the Auditor-General

The Auditor-General is weighing into the heated debate over job vacancy data, calling on Statistics Canada to provide more detailed information as to exactly where shortages are occurring and for precisely what jobs and skills.  Auditor-General Michael Ferguson’s Spring 2014 report, released Tuesday, includes a largely positive report on the performance of Statistics Canada, but … Continue reading

Canada’s Skills Gap / Needs to do a better job of collecting and disseminating reliable labour market information

Canada needs to do a better job of collecting and disseminating reliable labour market information, the kind employers, students and policy-makers can rely on to make good decisions, observers say. “Our data is horrible,” said Rick Miner, a former Seneca College president who took part in a federal labour market advisory panel in 2009. The … Continue reading

Labour Market Changes | UK : a summary of the main trends

The National Guidance Research Forum (NGRF) website, launched in 2004 for careers guidance practitioners and researchers as a collaborative project between the Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER), University of Warwick, the International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby and KnowNet, a specialist software company, has posted a summary of the main trends for … Continue reading

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