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The Jobs Gap in US – With job growth at a healthy level of 300,000 a month, employment will be back at prerecession levels around the time of the 2016 election

After months of disappointing job reports, the country is finally seeing some promising numbers as the fragile recovery grows stronger. But a number of challenges continue to hold many poor and middle-class Americans back. Here are ten facts to keep in mind for 2015 and beyond. 1. Because the population and labor force are growing, … Continue reading

The Job Gap in US / There are about 1.18 million fewer payroll jobs than before the recession started

This doesn’t include population growth and new entrants into the workforce Continue reading

US Gender Jobs Gap / Women have regained all jobs lost during the Great Recession

U.S. women have recovered all the jobs they lost to the Great Recession. The same can’t be said for men, who remain 2.1 million jobs short Continue reading

UK / The unemployment rate for 16 to 24 year olds hits 21.0%

The unemployment rate for 16 to 24 year olds was 21.0% for May to July 2013, up 0.5 percentage points from February to April 2013 Continue reading

US Job Generation Gap / We’re All In This Together

In all likelihood, job numbers mean that fewer aging Americans have the financial means to retire Continue reading

Scotland’s Jobs Gap / 110,000 more jobs still needed

Scotland needs another 110,000 jobs to return to the levels enjoyed before the financial crisis five years ago, a think tank has warned Continue reading

US / Labor Surplus, Labor Shortage, and the Skills Gap

US Job Market has two significant problems — a labor surplus and a labor shortage. High unemployment and a lack of job opportunity for young people – the surplus; employers who can’t find the highly skilled workforce needed – the shortage Continue reading

US Jobs Gap / States are closely mirroring the nation in terms of pace of recovery

Somewhat surprisingly, in contrast with past cycles a state’s job-growth performance in the recovery to date appears largely uncorrelated to its rate of job loss in the 2008 downturn. The job-growth rates in the ensuing recovery are clustered in a fairly tight range around the 4.8 percent U.S. average, suggesting that states are closely mirroring the nation in terms of pace of recovery Continue reading

US / The Jobs Gap: Unemployed Workers Still Far Outnumber Job Openings in Every Major Sector

The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics  showed job openings falling by 118,000 in April to 3.8 million. Job openings have improved very little over the last year and remain very depressed. In 2007, there were 4.5 million job openings each month, so April’s level of 3.8 … Continue reading

UK / Jobs Gap filled for women, but not for men

The number of women in employment since 2008 has increased by more than a quarter of a million, a 1.2pc net rise, while the number of men in work has dropped by 70,000, a 0.4pc net fall, a study of official labour market data has shown. The analysis by The Jobs Economist, an employment consultancy … Continue reading

Canada and Quebec / Working on EI regulations will marginally help in responding to labour market needs

Unemployment worldwide and youth unemployment are a tragedy. The number of unemployed in the world has exploded with 28 million people jobless in the five years following the global financial crisis. In 2012, there were 197 million people unemployed according to the ILO. In 2013, about 210.6 million people will be unemployed according to the … Continue reading

India / Youth hit by the Jobs Gap

“There are just no jobs in the market,” says Manjunath (26), who works as a carpentry apprentice in Shivajinagar. After completing his polytechnic diploma, he attended a dozen job fairs. “They take your contact details, put you through a lot of paperwork, and in the end there is nothing,” he says, adding that the only … Continue reading

Illinois / The jobs crisis: only Nevada has a higher unemployment rate

The economic recovery in Illinois remains terribly weak. Our state has failed to make a strong comeback from the Great Recession that ended four years ago, in June 2009. We are falling further behind not just Texas, but practically every other state — including states such as Indiana that can make stronger arguments for luring … Continue reading

US / The Job Gap and the Skills Gap

We’d be serving the present and the future. Here’s one example how: Today states are slashing budgets for community colleges, just when every good job requires more skill. That is truly cutting off our thumbs to lose weight. Last week, I interviewed Gary Green, the president of Forsyth Technical Community College, in Winston-Salem, N.C., with … Continue reading

Global labour markets are worsening again says ILO

In the fifth year after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, global growth has decelerated and unemployment has started to increase again, leaving an accumulated total of some 197 mil- lion people without a job in 2012. Moreover, some 39 million people have dropped out of the labour market as job prospects proved unattainable, … Continue reading

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