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Italy – 85,000 people applied for 30 jobs at a bank

Italy’s chronic unemployment problem has been thrown into sharp relief after 85,000 people applied for 30 jobs at a bank – nearly 3,000 candidates for each post. With youth unemployment nudging close to 40 per cent and the overall level at 11 per cent, steady jobs are in great demand. But even the managers at … Continue reading

School-to-Work Transition in Italy – A sclerotic labor market and a very inefficient and disorganized educational system

This essay has examined the Italian SWTR, which is a typical example of the European Mediterranean one where the role of the State is marginal as compared to that of the family. The latter has to bear the cost of the extremely slow transition period young people undergo on their way from education to a … Continue reading

Ph.D. and Overeducation in Italy – 31.28% of them report that their Ph.D. title was not useful to get the job they were carrying

In 2009, ISTAT carried out a survey of Ph.D. holders who completed their studies three and five years earlier, in 2006 and in 2004, respectively. The data reveals that unemployment among Ph.D. holders is lower than what is reported for university graduates. A share as high as 92.5% of doctors who completed their studies in … Continue reading

Italy – The fewest births ever and the population shrank 

Fewer babies were born in Italy in 2015 than in any year since the modern state was founded 154 years ago, and the population shrank for the first time in three decades, data showed on Friday.Adding to the gloomy picture, the number of deaths jumped more than 9 percent over the previous year. That left … Continue reading

Italy – Youth unemployment reaches 38-year high

Italy’s unemployment rate moved up to 12.7 per cent in June from 12.5 per cent in May, delivering a blow to hopes that the nascent recovery in the eurozone’s third largest economy could bring some relief to its sclerotic labour market. Meanwhile, youth joblessness increased to 44.2 per cent, its highest level since 1977 and … Continue reading

Italy – Employment is rising but wage growth remains suppressed

Although wage growth remains suppressed, rising employment and improved sentiment are aiding consumer spending. Italy’s currency is represented by CurrencyShares Euro Trust (NYSEARCA:FXE). In May, the wage figure came in at an annual pace of 1.1%, below the previous month’s reading of 1.2%. After peaking at over 4% in 2009, wages have significantly declined to … Continue reading

Italy – Unemployment slowing for a second consecutive month

Unemployment in Italy stood at 12.6 per cent in January, slowing for a second consecutive month and returning to its level a year ago, according to national statistics agency Istat: In January 2015 22.320 million persons were employed, essentially unchanged over December 2014. Unemployed were 3.221 million, -0.6% with respect to the previous month. Chosen … Continue reading

STEM in Italy – Increased access to higher education failed to raise incomes research finds

Governments sometimes promote reforms that increase access to education for a large share of the population. These reforms may lower the returns to education by altering returns to skills, education quality, and peer effects. This column examines a 1961 Italian reform that increased enrolment in university STEM majors among students who had previously been denied … Continue reading

Unemployment in Germany vs Italy – Three lessons

Looking at sound economic growth in Germany and the long-lasting stagnation in Italy often raises the question of what is going on behind the scenes. Many Italian people ask themselves to whom or what should be blamed for, the government and policy makers, labour market reforms, education system or the culture? While the sluggish economy … Continue reading

Italian – Unemployment at record high and youth unemployment at 43.3 percent

Italy’s unemployment rate unexpectedly rose above 13 percent in October, setting a record as businesses refrain from hiring amid the country’s longest recession since World War II. The unemployment rate rose to 13.2 percent from a revised 12.9 percent the previous month, the Rome-based national statistics office Istat said in a preliminary report today. That’s … Continue reading

Italy – Youth unemployment rate (aged 15-24) was 43.7% in June

In June 2014 22.398 million persons were employed, +0.2% compared with May 2014. Unemployed were 3.153 million, -2.4% with respect to the previous month. Employment rate was 55.7%, +0.2 percentage points with respect to May 2014, unemployment rate was 12.3%, -0.3 percentage points over the previous month, and inactivity rate was 36.3%, unchanged over May. … Continue reading

Labour market reforms in Italy

Italy’s labour market productivity has been stagnating in the past decade despite numerous reforms. This column gives an explanation why this is so. By focusing exclusively on flexibility, past labour market reforms have completely neglected incentives. There is severe allocative malfunctioning in the Italian labour market. Wages do not reflect sector productivity in the short … Continue reading

Italy in February 2014 – 3.307 million unemployed

In February 2014 22.216 million persons were employed, -0.2% compared with January 2014. Unemployed were 3.307 million, +0.2% with respect to the previous month.  In order to improve the timeliness of statistical information on the Italian labour market and in accordance with the agreements made within the European Union, Istat publishes monthly estimates of the … Continue reading

UniCredit – To cut cut 8,500 jobs by 2018

Leading Italian bank UniCredit has posted a massive loss of 14 billion euros for 2013. Much of that was as it wrote off bad loans that it knows will never be repaid, along with so-called goodwill – the paper value of assets – in Italy, Austria and central and eastern Europe.  The writedowns are to … Continue reading

Italy / Unemployment at 37-year high, youth unemployment at 42 percent

Italy’s unemployment rate rose to a record high of 12.7 percent last November, revealed the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) on Wednesday, with some 55,000 people losing their jobs during the month. Continue reading

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